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Something For Baby

Something for Baby Apr15 (7)Hi bloggies!

Just popping by quickly to share another card. This week is going to be a doozy … so am not sure I will get back too soon??? Sheree’s baby is due IN 3 DAYS!!! And … Stace & Jono are moving house this week! Yikes!

It has been fun creating some baby cards recently for several friends from our church who have had new babies. I tend to make a boy & girl version of baby cards now … and store the extra for future use! They have come in handy lately. This one has an interesting inside … with cute “dangle” images. Card Inspiration: Christmas Card from Card Maker Magazine

(Click photos to view properly! )Busy, busy … have to get dinner organised early … as Gav & Sandy both have commitments tonight and need to get out soon. Thanks for popping by! Hugs xxx

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A couple of Chilly Chums!

Chilly Chums Jan15 (3)Chilly Chums JL MD 2015 (4)Hello again!

I know … don’t fall over in a dead faint! I am back again … and it has only been 3 days! :wink:

I have some fun cards stored to share … so it is just a matter of finding the time to blog them! While I had a couple of months of virtually no card making … I HAVE been doing a little! My biggest time constraint was because Sandy started playing serious soccer (football) this year. He is playing in the Illawarra Premier League for Port Kembla Football Club U18s. He is their main striker and although his Sunday church commitments interfere a little with his games he has managed to score 23 goals in 5 matches! He is on top of the leaderboard for goal scoring! I am a proud mum … especially because we have never really tested his potential … but now he is playing with the ‘big boys’ … he is actually holding his own and contributing to the team in a really positive way. I am even more proud of the way he encourages his team mates and the sportsmanship he displays. My chauffeuring duties to enable him to keep up with soccer & youth group was quite a chunk of time out of my week … hence no card making or blogging. (Due to temperamental computer and internet difficulties too!) But … Sandy now has his licence  … And I am just finding some new excitement and eagerness to get into my craft room! My mojo is slowing flowing again!

These are a couple of cards made using a super adorable set from Paper Smooches called “Chilly Chums”. The little cuties have matching dies … so easy! Click pic to view!

Again … I have been very slack about bookmarking the inspiration for these designs! Happy to add if you can share your original link with me! :D I am very sorry that I have done NO BLOG HOPPING for a few months. I plan to try and pop by each of my favourite blogs asap to say hi! I won’t be able to catch up on all I have missed … but will enjoy checking out some fab inspiration! Thanks so much to my faithful blog friends who have popped by here from time to time! I really appreciate your support!

Woo hoo … hope you are having a great weekend! Hugs xxx

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Mothers Day — belated!

Uptown Paisley has a prezzie May15 (4)Uptown Lucille sends her love May15 (4)Hello my friends!

Thank you so much for your patience! Where have the last 2 1/2 months gone? Sigh! I seem to be making excuses constantly lately … so I won’t bother to bore you again with any! I have to admit even card making has taken a back seat … and for the first time in about 6 years … I HAD to purchase a NON handmade card (or two or three)!!!!! Yep! Sandy’s 17th birthday passed by without a handmade card from mum! But … he still managed to get his licence … and is now independent and mobile!! Another BIG SIGH … my BABY is 17 … and no longer has need for his mum to run him around to soccer training and church youth group and shopping and sports days etc etc etc. I am suddenly feeling a tad obsolete! I miss our chats in the car … and his company! SIGH!

Sandy Apr15So … I finally managed to sit and make a couple of cards for mother’s day. Finally! I pulled out a couple of my FAV Stamping Bella stamps … “Uptown Girls – Paisley has a prezzie” and “Uptown Girls – Lucille sends her love” and made a couple of fun cards.

Uptown Mothers Day 2015 (1)

Yes … not the usual ‘flower filled’ mother’s day type cards … but full of love and appreciation just the same. I wanted to give credit for the inspiration for these cards … but have just realised that I didn’t save the photo of the card that I CASEd! I will happily add it if you let me know it was yours!

You can click on any of these pics to view full size photo.

Just a little update to family news …

  • Sheree & Murray’s baby is due on 18th June …2 weeks!!!!
  • Stace & Jono finally received a moving date for their new house … ALSO 18th June … and their baby is due on 26th Aug
  • Shane is back from his 6 week holiday to US / Canada next Thurs (11th)
  • Skye & Mitch have bought a block of land in the development happening (FINALLY) on our land and surrounding area
  • Sandy is well into his soccer season and has scored 23 goals in 5 matches!!! (Illawarra Premier League U18s – Port Kembla FC) The closest in the comp to him is 7 goals!
  • Gav’s work situation hasn’t improved and it seems it won’t be for another 12 months at least. Gov’t funding is still slow!

Well … I have decided that regular blogging is a thing of the past … but my intention is to be here when I can! I have plenty to share and keen to share with you. So … I guess you will just see me when I get here! :wink: Take care everyone …

Until next time … hugs xxx …

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Surprise! Me again!

Need for Speed MD'13 (3)Hello my friends!

Well … it has been awhile! I won’t bore you with details … let’s just say life has been busy (AGAIN!!) I am hoping that after Easter & school holidays things will begin to slow down a little! Sigh … how many times have I said that in the last few years! We had a fabulous time on the cruise to New Zealand … soooooo lovely and relaxing with gorgeous scenery and pretty towns to visit. I will try and get some photos up soon! Today, I am stuck on the bed with a bad back … and after some sweet concern from my good blog friend, Donna … I decided it was time to stop procrastinating and get back here! Thanks Donna for caring! :)

Need for Speed MD'13 (1)Need for Speed MD'13 (4)Today’s card is a random! I found it in my files … and it is so old I actually have a card recipe for it. (Like all my posts used to have!!) This stamp set is a keeper … I have so few great MALE sets … so won’t be letting go of this one! I have roughened up all the edges of the card and paper to give it a grungy look! (Kind of!) All the details are in the recipe below! Card Inspiration: Jen Nelson

Well … hopefully it won’t be 2 months again until I get back with more! I have been making cards … but usually emergency last minute ones! I have lots to share … but just need to find time for editing and posting! Hope to see you again soon! Hugs xxx

Andrea Gold Black HeartNeed for Speed MD'13 recipe



I bet you had given up on me! I almost did! :wink: But …

Well … I am not going to bore you with a lot of excuses … all I will say is that I have been very busy! When I stop and think about why … I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what I have been busy with! All I will say is … holidays … no routines … and back to school stuff!

Love Heart DF Dec14 (4)Anyway … I am here for a moment … only to disappear again! :D Next Thursday (12th) Gav and I are off on a holiday with Gav’s parents, two sisters & 2 brothers in law. We are going on a 14 night cruise around New Zealand! Woo hoo!

I wanted to quickly share a card with you today …

Love Heart DF Dec14 (1)Love Heart DF Dec14 (3)With Valentine’s Day approaching … I thought this little cutie was a good one to share! I found it in my files … I did make it quite a while ago! This was one of my first attempts using the SU! Blendies. It is a simple little card but quite a pretty one.

I am hoping to pop some cards up here before I go … but won’t have time to chat! Hope you understand! It will depend on getting organised for the trip! I still have to organise meals for the boys … pack … make sure all school notes are complete … organise school lunches … organise chauffeurs for Sandy’s sport etc etc etc!!! :) Better go … need to do some grocery shopping for the boys! Hugs xxx

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