Stacey & Jono

(Today is actually Wed 25th June 2014 — Dec 16, 2006 is the date of Stacey & Jono’s wedding day!)

I have recently upgraded my blog and highlighted some of the family news in widgets in the sidebar. I realised that Stacey & Jono had their wedding well before I started blogging so I had no post to link for their photos like I have for Skye & Sheree. So … I thought I would pop in a “back dated” post to share some of their lovely pics. The wedding was held in the grounds of Ravensthorpe, Albion Park & the reception was in the marquee at Ravensthorpe. We hired the beautiful old house for the weekend and Stacey & Jono spent the night in the honeymoon cottage. We were treated to a special lunch in the homestead on the day of the wedding and the girls got ready there. Jono’s parents (Jim & Julie) & Gav & I had rooms in the homestead after the wedding and then we shared a lovely breakfast with Stace & Jono on the Sunday morning after the wedding. I don’t actually have a lot of digital photos … but a few is better than none! Enjoy! … click on any pic to enlarge & scroll through slide show!