How Cute is this!

Sandy 9yrsFor anyone who knows my youngest son, Sandy (just turned 10) … you would know what a “REAL” boy he is! He lives for his sport! (Mad about soccer & cricket) Plays the drums! Is very bright & VERY active! But … I just had to share his latest creations with you! (Even though this will embarrass him greatly!) Sandy was home sick from school on Friday with bad croup / cough after 1 1/2 hrs soccer training the night before in the freezing cold without a jumper! (Is that his fault or his mum’s??? 🙂 ) And … then he also had to stay home again yesterday while we waited for some test results to come back. So, he has had 4 days pretty much indoors & inactive and while I was making some special cards for birthday presents on the weekend … he decided he was “bored enough” to play with me!!! Here are the results! All 4 cards were made by Sandy (with his mum sitting by his side making suggestions & giving him hints – but being very careful to let him do it himself!!!) What surprised me more than anything … he didn’t just do one card … he did 4!!! They included a “get well” for his dad who had torn his calf muscle at soccer on Saturday & a pretty mother’s day card for me! They are now on display … and he is quite proud of his efforts! And … so is his mum!!! 🙂 Haven’t I done a great job with him … now … just where did I go wrong with the 20yr old son who wouldn’t touch a stamp pad if his life depended on it !!! 🙂

Anyway, just wanted to share a special moment! Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea

Sandy\'s creations 2Sandy\'s creations 1


  1. Julie says:

    Well done Sandy!!
    They are excellent. Great colours and layouts.
    You’re amazing! The Get Well card and the blue one are my faves. I have an 8 yr old daughter and I think after seeing your work I might even try and teach her to make some little cards of her own one day soon.


  2. Christine says:

    Maybe you need to talk to Ryan , Sandy and teach him how to make cards! I have bought so much Stampin Up stuff lately it would be great to see the whole family using it! I think your cards are great. Maybe one day you will make one for me! Love Aunty Christine!


  3. ness says:

    Hi Sandy……..awesome cards! I think boys that stamp R really cool. Andrea……..I think you have a future recruit for your there! BTW have you chosen a name for your team yet now that you are a Supervisor????


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