Soccer Stars!

Hi everyone!Sandy at soccer gala day

I’m sorry … but I have to be a really “braggy” mum just for a minute! I just can’t help myself! … so please can you tolerate my little post?

Sandy’s school soccer team (year 3 & 4) went off to the Christian Schools (CSSA) Zone Gala Day today and came home undefeated! And … not a single goal scored against them! For a team who played together competitively for the first time … they were so amazing! EVERY SINGLE boy contributed to the success! They played as a team … looked for opportunities to pass to each other … used their brains … persevered in the gale force, blustery westerly winds, through 4 matches without a break . (Their “bye” was in game 5)! The defence was fantastic … like a brick wall … and the front lines combined so well to set up goals! They ALL deserve a big high five!!! Game scores: 4-0, 3-0, 6-0 & 1-0. Sandy ... 10 goals!EVERY SINGLE PLAYER deserves credit for the goals! BUT … (here is the braggy mum bit) … Sandy finished off the play 10 times!!! (That’s how you say “scored” without sounding TOOOO proud!!! 🙂 ) Ok … I won’t say any more … or I will get a big head … and we all know that is not good! I actually think the real stars were the mums, dads & grandparents who stood in the cold, blustery gale force winds to watch!!! 🙂 And … a big thank you to Dane Collier who did a fantastic job coaching!

So … I have indulged myself just a little … I will stop now! 🙂 I will post our class projects ASAP! Can’t wait til tomorrow night!

Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea