Class Review Blog Candy!

Hi … I had such a fun time at my first class on Friday night! It was so nice to spend some time with such a lovely group of friends. I must admit … I was a bit OVER AMBITIOUS! I am sorry! We had 2 projects to do and really didn’t get to the second. (Although, all the guests went home with their second project supplies and directions and templates to create these at home!) I DO HAVE some great ideas to “streamline” things a bit and hope you will all bear with me while I get things “just right”. I am sure next time will not feel quite so “overwhelming”! Thank you so much for sharing this time with me … I am looking forward to lots of fun in the future and I have so many exciting things to show you … I just know we are not going to see them all! I guess I will just have to satisfy myself with sharing some great inspirations & ideas through my blog! So … keep checking here for some new techniques that I have been learning!

Waiting for YOUR EMAIL!I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves at the class? At times, it was amazingly quiet!!! I think everyone was concentrating so hard on their creating! I WOULD LOVE TO POST SOME OF YOUR CREATIONS FROM THE CLASS ON MY BLOG and in return I will send you some BLOG CANDY!! I will create something special for you and post a picture here as soon as it is done! So … make sure you EMAIL ME with your photos ASAP! I can’t wait to see your finished projects!

Oh … and … even if you don’t have a photo to share … I would still love to hear some feedback about the class. Feel free to send in suggestions for improvements! Just click on “COMMENTS” in the title above! Thanks!

Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea