Skye turns 16!

I realise that you all probably think I have only 1 child … cos so far I have only mentioned Sandy in any of my posts. So I wanted to be self-indulgent for another little moment … & mention daughter no. 3! Skye’s birthday is today and she is ‘SWEET SIXTEEN’. Skye is the musical member of the family. She loves to sing and has taught herself to play piano so she can accompany herself when she is singing. (She has never had a piano lesson in her life!) She also really enjoys composing her own songs! One day someone other than her mum & dad will realise how good she is and “discover” her!!! 🙂 (Yeah right!!!)

Skye & Jaime perform Casting Crowns songLast week was the school talent quest (Yrs 7 – 12) … and Skye competed in the senior section. She sang a beautiful duet with one of the boys in her music class. It was a moving accoustic guitar song written by “Casting Crowns” – a popular US Christian Band. The song was called “Prayer for a Friend”. The harmonies are just beautiful and Skye & Jaime performed really well considering they had very little time to rehearse together. I think their voices blended so well. I hope they get a chance to sing together again! Skye - Talent Quest Senior WinnerSkye also sang another song “Concrete Angels” and accompanied herself on piano – a very haunting & sad song which really suited Skye’s husky tones … AND SHE WON the competition with this performance! She just loves to sing and has very little opportunity to perform so she was thrilled to do so well. (She also won the junior comp 2 years ago!)

So … another little proud mum moment! Sorry! Will be back soon with another REALLY EASY creation! You will be amazed how easy it is! Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea

Sweet Skye!PS I thought I would share the “sweet” card I made for Skye’s “Sweet 16th”! The photo is taken at Skye’s 6th birthday party! Now, 10 years later … and she is just as sweet!

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  1. Leonie says:

    well congrats to Skye for turning 16 and for the performances. I just LOVE Casting Crowns – awesome music and awesome lyrics! Congrats also to mum for letting Skye follow her singing dream ;0) Great cards on your site too Andrea!
    Hi Leonie! Thanks for your comments … it is so nice to have some feedback! And … it is not hard to let Skye sing … I just love listening to her!


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