Feels Like Christmas!

Hi everyone! I have just received my much anticipated order … and what fun it was to open my parcel with 6 new stamp sets inside! And … what is even better … they are all FREE! Yep! FREE! I was surprised but thrilled to achieve my 2nd stage for the Demonstrator incentive – “Stampin’ Start” and the reward was 6 FREE stamp sets of my choice! I had fun choosing … and decided on a couple of Christmas sets from the new MINI catalogue as well as a couple that have been on my “wish list” for quite a while now! And … to think … I am being paid to do something I love! I can’t wait to have a play with my new sets! But … a headache and bad cold is preventing me from indulging at the moment! Maybe tomorrow …???


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  1. vanessa says:

    Awesome Andrea…….don’t you just love free rubbah! Have fun playing…..;-).


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