Black Magic Garden Whimsy

Hi … just thought I would let you know that I have added my first attempt at the Black Magic technique to yesterday’s post (“Black Magic Fabulous Flowers” – scroll down). Let me know if you like it! I had 25 visits to my blog yesterday but only one comment! Please feel free to reply to any of my posts! I love to have your input & ideas! Email me your card creations if you would like me to share any on my blog! You may even get some blog candy in return! Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea


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  1. Christine says:

    I have emailed you some cards I made while I was on holidays! In all I made nearly 40 cards in the two weeks I was away! It was a bit tricky – not having a table to use but I had a 3 seater lounge so I would set myself up each day with all the equipment beside me on the seat and a few things in a box on the floor in front of me and worked on my lap! I probably didn’t try anything too tricky because of this but I was quite pleased with the outcome on most of my cards. I agree with Andrea – the colour wheel does really help you get some nice colour combinations. I also made my first attempt with vellum and was quite happy with the way those turned out too. I am so looking forward to doing the card organiser at this week’s class. And looking forward to having fun with all my friends again – see you there!
    Added by Andrea: Wow! You have been so busy! It must have been heaps of fun! I love your creations and will post a couple on the blog! Thanks for your input. I love having comments & photos to add to the blog! C U Friday!


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