Busy Weekend!

Hi to all my friends! I just wanted to let you know that I have a “frantic” weekend this weekend! And … probably won’t post anything new for the next couple of days! After being “homeless gypsies” for the last 8 months my inlaws found out on Wednesday afternoon that they are moving into their new over 55s retirement resort TODAY & TOMORROW! Of course, this has to be the busiest weekend of our entire month …. GREAT TIMING!!! But … I can totally understand that they are keen to get in after moving around so much for so long!

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS … my dad (who has Parkinsons) is in respite (holiday care) so my mum can have a break and I am trying to spend some time with her … I also have to get out to the shops this morning to buy her birthday present which happens to be on Monday … I have to drop Shane & Sandy to the respite centre so they can play cards with Grandad … my montly class is on tonight & I need to set up for that … I need to drop Skye at a friend’s place as she is off to the Blue Mountains this afternoon with one of her teachers and 3 other students to meet a Voice of the Martyrs director to see how they can be involved in this ministry (she won’t be home until tomorrow evening (so she won’t be any help!!! 🙂 ) Sheree is out ALL today working (she can’t be any help!!!) … Gav (DH) has a breakfast meeting with the other church elders HERE tomorrow morning (BBQ brekkie) so that means a big cleanup after the class tonight!!! … Sandy has an important soccer game and has to be at the soccer field at Balgownie by 7.50am tomorrow morning … I have a workshop at 1.oopm (which will be fun but still part of a busy weekend!) set up around 12ish and won’t be finished until around 5ish. And … somehow … I need to find time to help with the BIG MOVE … unpacking etc!!! And … to top it all off the kids are back at school on Monday! Need to get organised for that!!!

Phew!!! So … now you can see why I really shouldn’t be here at the computer … and REALLY need to get moving! C U next week!!!!

Hugs, Andrea


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  1. Julie says:

    Wow! It was a busy weekend for you Andrea and I hope you managed to get through everything OK.
    Enjoy the girls night out for your mums birthday tonight, you deserve this much earned break.
    I had a fun workshop on Saturday! Thanks so much.
    Added from Andrea: Hi Julie! I had lots of fun at your workshop, I am glad you enjoyed it! And … the movie was “joyous”! My mum really enjoyed her night out! Will drop your catty in today! Thanks.


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