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Hi Everyone!

I have been having a look at my blog stats! Did you know I have had over 3,400 “hits” on my blog!!! Wow! That is amazing in only 3 months! BUT …. Out of those 3,400 hits … I have only had 63 reply posts! I would love to have a bit more feedback on my projects & samples. Sometimes I wonder if the time I am spending is actually useful & interesting … or is this just self indulgence?

Are you enjoying my posts? Are you trying any projects out for yourself? Do you think I “rabbit on” a bit too much? Is there any technique you would like me to post a tutorial on? Would you like to see more of anything in particular? Do you have any favourite techniques or products?

I would love to see your comments on my posts! And so … I have decided it is time for some more BLOG CANDY!!

I had a fun time at a friend’s workshop on Saturday. It was a great workshop where we decorated the “On Board – Trimmings” from the Spring Mini Catalogue. Check this link for photos & details of the projects! I have quite a few prepared “packs” for this workshop left over as several guests did not end up coming along. So … first in best dressed … if you send in a comment to this post … I will send you a Christmas Decoration pack … with all the shapes / papers / cardstock for these decorations. You will be able to make at least two decorations with the supplies. All you need to add is the “bling” … and of course your own creative accents!

And … I hope … you will continue to send in your comments about anything that I post on my blog! I am a very social person! I love to know what you think! (Even if you don’t like something – let me know!!! 🙂 )

Hope to see you here soon! Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea



  1. Christine says:

    I think out of those >3400 hits, mine must make up 3000!! I just love coming and checking out your site- here I am again!! I am keen to try a couple of your tutorials. I need to get a few more items though – like glossy card, stampamajig. Maybe next order! I think I’ve spent enough in the last couple of weeks though so it will have to wait a bit. Stampin up is certainly contagious! I have the bug totally.
    Andrea adds: Congrats, Christine! You have earnt the FIRST blog candy Chrissy Decos … just by submitting a comment! You are going to have a gorgeous Christmas Tree this year! Thanks for all your encouraging words (including those on “The Sweetest Thing” comments). I am so glad you are enjoying your new passion!


  2. Hi Andrea
    Thanks for the great ideas you place on your blog, and congratulations on the hits! I do look at your site often and sorry for not commenting on your talent…but I do go from one site to the next when I have time and I save any cards that I like for ideas and sometimes I forget where they come from (if I know I always make acknowledgement). Anyway, keep the entries coming and I will try a little harder to communciate more.
    Andrea adds: So nice to see you again, Karen! Thanks for the support! I am glad you are enjoying the ideas & projects! Congrats! You will receive some Christmas decorations to decorate! Please can you email me with your postal address! I hope you enjoy having a play!


  3. Julie Regan says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I also enjoy coming and having a look at your blog and getting ideas for cards to make. You give me inspiration every time I come along for a look.
    I have been playing all weekend with my new stamp sets and punches from my recent order and have made some fun little gift cards and a few birthday cards. I can’t wait to make something new again soon.
    Andrea adds: Hi Julie! I’m glad you are having fun with your new products! I know you are going to find the more you “play” … the more creative you become! Another Christmas Trimmings pack will be on it’s way soon to you! Thanks for stopping by to say hi! Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea
    Congrats on your huge number of blog hits!


  4. Trish says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Thanks for the day making the decorations on Saturday. You continue to inspire me each time I see you. As I said to Christine at school on Monday I had a great time on the weekend making cards and pouring over both the mini catalogue and the catalogue. Consequently my wish list is nearly as long as Christine’s now. I will have to pace myself or Rob will start to wonder what I am doing. I love checking out your ideas and I know that you always have something new here and I don’t have a lot of time to surf the net looking for ideas -so thank you for all your inspirition,
    Andrea adds: I just love it when one of my customers is as excited about stamping as I am! Thanks, Trish, for your kind words and I am so glad you are enjoying yourself at the workshops and classes! Congrats you have earnt some BLOG CANDY – Some more On Board Trimmings for you to decorate! I will get it to you ASAP! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a response! 🙂


  5. Julie Andrews says:

    Hi Andrea,
    I just love looking at your blog. Keep it up. I may not always give a comment, but I always check out your page whenever I am on the internet. I love your comments, and checking out your latest projects, (which I usually have a go at). I think it is lovely how you communicate the things happening in your life. I am a little more reserved and don’t always find it easy to open up. Keep going, you are an inspiration to me.
    Love Julie A.
    Andrea adds: I love that you are trying my creations out! Make sure you send me a photo via email so I can add yours to the post! I would love to have a look! And … I’m sure everyone else will too! I should start a new Category for contributions! Hope we can work it to get to Regionals together!


  6. Vanessa Webb says:

    Oooohhh, Andrea I love your new look blog! And your creations are just gorgeous as always! Congratulations on the exciting things that have been happening with your SU! team lately…….you are an inspiration!
    Andrea adds: Thanks, Ness! It is such fun to share with everyone!


  7. Michelle Parker says:

    Hi Andrea,

    You certainly have had a lot going on of late. I have been away on holidays in New Zealand and then up to Qld for a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) conference so I haven’t checked out the blog for a while.

    I love the new mini spring catalogue you sent me and have already used a couple of your ideas learn’t at your workshops up here in the North.

    I am only a newbie at this blogging thing but am already seeing the benefit of having such a great way to share ideas, photos etc.

    Andrea adds: So nice to see you, Michelle! I hope you had a great holiday! Congrats! You have scored the final Chrissy Decoration Pack Blog Candy! I hope you have fun with it! If you would like to order anything from the mini catty … just let me know!


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