Hi everyone!

This morning I have been all the way to Sydney Olympic Park with Sandy so he could compete in the CSSA State Jnr Discus! We left at 6am … 2 hrs there … and 2 hrs back … for a 1/2 hour event! At least that is better than last year! 4 hours there and back for a 16 sec (100m) race!!! He just loves to compete and is a bit of an all-rounder! Thankfully, he got 5th … which is not enough to go onto the next level! 😀 But … it is lovely that I am able to go and watch! Next event is State (CSSA) Soccer Comp on 1st Sept. He is playing with his cousin, Corey in the jnr team! This is all the way out to Penrith!!! Perhaps I will send Gavin to that one!!! 😀

On Monday the Blood Bank Van visited our school and Skye gave her very first donation! What a drama! She fainted before they had finished getting her blood and her blood pressure went down so low they couldn’t get a reading!!! After keeping her resting with feet elevated for 2 hours … she still passed out every time they tried to sit her up!!! So … after consulting their doctor … they decided to phone the ambulance & transport her to hospital! It took another couple of hours of fluids at the hospital to get her BP up to a reasonable level for them to allow her home! She is fine now. We knew it was just a matter of getting fluids into her and she would be ok. Needless to say, when the Blood Bank doctor phoned me the following day, she indicated that Skye should NOT EVER give blood again! (But … thank you for wanting to donate!!! 🙂 )

With both dads in hospital on Monday & Skye’s visit … we had 3 family members in hospital at once! My dad is improving … slowly. Gav’s dad has had a shoulder operation to repair torn ligaments and is home again … and although it is quite painful … he is doing ok.

So … you can understand why I just can’t seem to catch up on things at the moment!

Just wanted to say thanks to all those who responded to my Blog Candy Offer with comments posted to the website! You are all so kind! Lots of lovely comments! Congrats to Christine, Julie R, Julie A, Ness, Trish & Kathryn! I will be sending your Chrissy Decoration packs asap! You can check out my samples for ideas to decorate your card shapes. Or you could google: “stampin up” “on board trimmings” (use the ” as I have here & put both phrases into the same search) and check out some blog ideas for how to use these great shapes. If you don’t want to be bothered cutting paper to cover the shapes … try inking them all over with gold or silver ink … and then use your papers for embellishments etc. I HAVE TWO PACKS LEFT! So … don’t forget to post a comment on the blog and get your FREE blog candy!

Until next time … Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea

Update Thu 14th: Thanks, Mel, for your post! Lovely to hear from you!

So … that means there is only 1 Christmas Decoration Pack left … Post a reply here to earn the last of this blog candy! 😀

Update Fri 15th: So nice to have Michelle drop by the blog! I was so happy to hear from you! And … Michelle scores THE FINAL Chrissy Decoration Pack! Enjoy!!!


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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Andrea

    I am just loving your site! Everyday I check it to see what amazing new things you have come up with! – I love the decorations you made and every card is so different from the next – I love to read the updates on your family too! Always an adventure at the Lowcocks!

    Love Mel xoxoxox

    Andrea adds: Hi Mel! So nice to see you! I am glad you have been keeping up with what is going on down here in Wollongong! I hope you are having fun with your SU! products & I would love to see some. Make sure you send me some pics! Congrats! You have earnt my Chrissy Deco pack! Will get it to you soon! Lotsa hugs & say hi to your mum for me!


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