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Hello … I am feeling a little nervous for my eldest son (20yrs) right at this moment. Shane is in Sydney doing an “aptitude test” for the ambulance service. He is hoping to be accepted as a paramedic and this is the 2nd step of the process. The test lasts about 6 hours … so he is only about 1/3 of the way through! Please pray that he might be successful in his application. I think he is going to look really cute in that blue overalls uniform! It will bring out the gorgeous blue of his eyes!!! 🙂 (He will hate me saying that!)

Sandy’s soccer team was knocked out in the semi-finals last Saturday. A big disappointment to the boys … but they played really well … going down 1-0 to Dapto. The windy weather made play VERY difficult but they made the best of it. We are really proud of the way the team has bonded and were so encouraging to one another. Their coaches, Steve & Bill, were very encouraging and really lead the boys so well during the season!

Skye has won one of the major roles in the upcoming school musical production! It is called “When in Rome” and will be showing later in the year. She is very excited and can’t wait to start practicing her songs. Apparently, she starts off a bit of a rebel. I must have a read of the script! I am sure she will do beautifully! One of her teachers at school also approached Skye to be part of a team here in the Illawarra for “Voice of the Martyrs”. This is an international group who raise funds to help the families of those who are in prison or who die because of their Christian faith. Part of their “mission” is to make more people aware that this is still happening! So … she is going to be a busy girl over the next few months! I hope she has some time to concentrate on her School Certificate in November!!!

Sheree has recovered from her whooping cough … but is still quite tired. She is busy busy busy … doing uni & cleaning 3 houses to earn herself some money. She is so thorough and takes great pride in doing a job properly. She has had some great results at uni … please pray that she will continue to cope with all she has to do! She is also helping out with our church Kid’s Club (she organises the games) & is the Social Coordinator for youth group!

You can see … we do lead a busy life … and sometimes it is hard work being a mum of 4 (+ 1 married!). Hard to keep up with all that is going on in their lives!

Anyway, I will stop rabbiting … this proud mum needs a “lift” after a week of the flu (the cough is wearing me out!!! 😦 ) … So … I am off to the hair dresser! C U Soon!

Stampin’ Hugs

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  1. Leonie says:

    OOO your kids are all in my thoughts. Did Shane pass? congrats to Skye and hope Sheree feels better soon … I’ll email you some thoughts on her cough. Hope Sandy isnt too down for the loss but what an achievement to make it to the semi’s!!

    Stay strong and love your father’s day cards – might have to case those I think!

    Andrea adds: Shane will hear in 3 weeks whether he passed. And … I am sure I will appreciate anything you can suggest about Sheree’s (& my) cough! Mine this week has been driving me insane!!! Sandy bounced back very quickly as all 10 yr olds do! Thanks for popping by!


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