Andrea’s Colour Challenge #1 – Pumpkin Patch

Hello! Do you think Spring is finally here? The next few days are going to be lovely and warm! I can’t wait! I have had the worst winter for illness … am still coughing & spluttering after my latest bout of the flu … and with whooping cough & 2 bouts of flu this winter … I actually have not been well for the last 4 months!!! (My mum will be proud … I am off to the doctor today! And I am taking Sandy too – he has been really unwell with this latest nasty flu bug and has been off school all week!) Sorry … will stop rabbiting … and talk about something much more interesting!

One of the most special things about Stampin’ Up! is how they combine colours. You only have to look at their “Style Watch” suggestions or their Designer Series Papers to see that who ever they use to do their design has a brilliant eye for colour! I just love using their colours & trying my own different combinations! Every time a mini catalogue comes out I am keen to see the colours they have put together this time!! Is anyone else as excited about colours???

I often tell my workshop guests that SU! has the same style when it comes to colours as Pumpkin Patch! Have you ever walked into a Pumpkin Patch shop and ooohed & aaahed over the colours? No? Maybe it’s just me??? What is it that makes Pumpkin Patch so much more special than others kid’s clothing depts??? I think it is the gorgeous way that they put colours together!

Here are a couple of pages from the latest Pumpkin Patch Catalogue! Even the boy colour combos are lovely! I must try these combos for a card soon!

Anyway, with Spring in the air … and a need to give myself a little “lift” today … I have decided to do a colour challenge!!! This page from the Pumpkin Patch catalogue with the bright greens & yellows & also navy & white is to be YOUR inspiration! Why not join in the fun! OK? I expect all my blog devotees to contribute a card for this colour challenge! Send me a photo via email or a link to your blog where you have uploaded your creation! I will get my family to vote on their favourite and will send you a small gift as a reward! So … time to start playing with your stamps & colours! I can’t wait to see the results!

Colours to use: Glorious Green, Yo Yo Yellow, Not Quite Navy & Whisper White!

So … here is my creation! I am really excited about my first colour challenge! So … don’t let me down!!! I will be waiting for your contributions! And … I expect this will help us all to beat those lingering winter blues … and jump into Spring! Colour Challenge no.1  finishes Friday 19th Sept. So … you all have a full weekend + a week to send your entry in! Hope this will be lotsa fun!!! 😀

All images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2008. Artwork by Andrea Lowcock

Stampin’ Hugs


  1. Christine says:

    Looks like I need to get some “bold brights” cards. I don’t have glorious green, yoyo yellow or not quite navy! Hmm think I’ll have a bit of a problem doing the challenge! The colours are lovely together though! I was going to wait for my party to do my next order – give the credit card a rest! dilemma!
    Andrea adds: Hey sis! You can always come here and use my cardstock! Don’t let that stop you!!! Hugs!


  2. Katie Commins says:

    Hi Andrea, I think the challenge is an awesome idea and believe me if I also had those colours I would be in on it, but unfortunately I only was able to bring a small amount of card making stock/stamp pads etc with me all the way to Germany. Can’t wait to see what other people come up with though.
    Hi Katie! So great to hear from you! I bet your mum & dad are missing you heaps! I hope at some stage I can pick a colour challenge with colours that you have … but if not … you can always join in the fun when you return to Australia! It is so nice to know you are stopping by my blog even all the way from Germany! Keep in touch! Hugs, Andrea


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