Colour Inspiration #23

Hi everyone!

I have been really enjoying the colour challenges that Kristina does on her blog. She finds some sort of shopping catalogue item – it may be a lounge with accessories or a range of shoes or as she has found in this example … a vase of flowers and she then pulls the colours from the picture to create cards of the same colour combination. How clever! I thought from time to time I might show you some of her colour challenges. These challenges give great ideas for colour combos! If … at any time … if you are looking for some colour inspiration … then just click on the “Colour Challenge” category in my sidebar … and you will find all the suggestions together!

Here is my creation … I am not really sure if I like it??? I love the colours together (and I did use all 5 plus some very vanilla) … but … I know sometimes you work & work at something … and it just isn’t happening!!! 😦 I kinda like it … but wonder if it is a little old fashioned??? I’m more the bright & breezy kinda card girl! Anyway, I’d better stop procrastinating and get back to work!

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  1. Christine says:

    I tried to do this challenge and you thought you didn’t like your effort – mine was awful! I found it hard with so many colours! I like a max of 3 colours per card, I have decided, but that’s probably because I am not too artistic! I think I will wait and see what the next colour challenge is like! And no – I am not emailing my card to you!
    Andrea adds: Yes … I wasn’t too sure about these colours. I will post Kristina’s next colour challenge as soon as she does it … perhaps a new set of colours will give us more inspiration!?


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