School Musical – When in Rome

when-in-rome-musical-003Hi everyone … I just had to do a post for you … because … our school musical was amazing! I was absolutely blown away with the quality of the production considering our musical director (our wonderful secondary music teacher – Nerylee Deans) had a budget of $0 to work with!!!!! Our school is a small Christian Community School … and we are not “flush” with funds! (Don’t believe all those media reports about private schools – 90% of them are totally untrue!)

when-in-rome-musical-058So … to make up for the “non-budget” … various members of our school community sacrificed so much time & put so much effort into making this a fantastic event! Parents & teachers gave time (& money) to create the costumes. Other teachers gave their time creating sets & props … rehearsed with the staff/student band … organised fundraising … ran rehearsals … coached students … it was such a wonderful community event!

when-in-rome-musical-024After some initial sound probs on the Friday evening performance (I wish this audience could’ve come back on Saturday – the sound was 500% better – particularly the dialogue!) … the performances went off without a hitch!!! The cast were brilliant – some of them had reams of lines to remember – and hardly missed a beat! There were some fantastic comical moments … and some beautifully sensitive moments. And … it was amazing to see so many of our students “transformed” into their characters. They were so “into” their performances. I am sure that many of them would hold their own in larger & more professional productions! And … there were some students who totally surprised us with their singing talents! Well done, Ruth, Cameron, AJ, Mitchell, Mr Hol, Hugh, Kelly & Sophia! And … what a great effort from our Chorus … who also sang beautifully in tune!

when-in-rome-musical-023And … of course … I was so transfixed with my gorgeous Skye! (Was there any other actor on stage when she was up there??? 🙂 ) She just gave absolutely beautiful performances every time… and I don’t think that is just a proud mum talking. Her singing had so much depth & tone … and she seemed to be so comfortable on the stage! I was so surprised! I didn’t realise she was an actor!!! One of the teachers mentioned that her consistency (performance & vocally) helped the other students to “step up” and give their best on the night! It was lovely to hear that … and I am just so thrilled for her!

when-in-rome-musical-018She just loves to sing … and is so thankful for every opportunity she has to do so. Once she has finished school … she will not have these any opportunities any longer! Gav & I saw every performance! Overkill? I don’t think so!!! We did have different members of our wider family at each performance & wanted to share the excitement with them!

So … it is all over! Skye was so tired after such a big week … but is now on holidays from school so she is able to enjoy a bit of a relax today!

Here are a few more photos for you to have a look at … check Skye’s facebook if you would like to see some more!

when-in-rome-musical-038when-in-rome-musical-057bAnd … thanks for allowing me another bragging moment! I will try & stop now!!!

Stampin’ Hugs


  1. Hey youre the mum and its your right (and privilege) to brag.

    Well done to Skye and all involved in the show. I was in musicals with our youth group many many years ago and remember how much time and effort went into each performance.

    Congrats to you all 😀
    Andrea adds: Thanks Leonie! I would have loved to see that!!! 😀


  2. Jake Dander says:

    I played Caligula in the production (I am in the purple sash in the background of the last picture) and all of my family who came to watch were amazed at the performances of me, all of the singers and especially Skye’s beautiful singing voice. We all think Skye should pursue a career in singing.
    We are all thankful that all aspects of the musical went very well.
    Andrea adds: Hi Jake! How nice to see you! Skye was so pleased to see your comment! We all think that you made a fantastic Caligula! Thanks for stopping by to say hi!


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