Stacey – Uni Graduate!

stacey-uni-grad-010Hi everyone!

Just thought I would share another proud mum moment! After 5 years at Wollongong Uni … Stacey graduated yesterday with a double degree.

Bachelor Communication & Media Studies (with distinction) & Bachelor Law (with honours). She has really worked so hard and even managed to keep up her averages after she was married! Holding down a part time job … and looking after a hubby & home … and studying is no easy task!

Of about 90 undergraduate Law students who graduated, she was 1 of 16 who received honours … and 1 of 9 who received honours + a distinction for her 2nd degree! Well done, Stace! We are so proud of you and all you have achieved! The purple lining on the hood is the LAW colours & the white edging indicates she graduated with honours!

stacey-uni-grad-029Stacey does have to go back to uni to get her “Diploma in Legal Practice” next year … which usually takes about 6 months. She is also looking for full time work. At the moment she is doing a couple of days a week at the uni legal department … but this is a maternity position and finishes at the end of the year. And … she is also working 3 days a week in Sydney for a Barrister doing research etc. She LOVES this work … but unfortunately, it is UNPAID! Can you believe it … you spend 5 years at uni … and then work for nothing just to get the experience you need to actually get a paid job!

stacey-uni-grad-014So … one kid finished uni & only 4 to go!! (unless Shane is able to get into the ambulance service … then it will only be 3 to go!) These milestones make me feel really old! Thanks for sharing another family moment. Hope you don’t mind me adding these special memories to my blog!

Back soon with something creative!

Have a lovely day!

Stampin’ Hugs


  1. Bert & Fiona says:

    Congratulations Gav & Andrea and of course Stace. No wonder you are proud!! Thanks for keeping us in the loop. luv to all
    B & F.
    Andrea adds: So nice to see you! We are thrilled to have Stacey reach this milestone! Thanks for saying hi!


  2. Matt Blake says:



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