Holiday Challenge!

Hi again … I wanted to share Christine’s samples for the 5 Challenges I set you while I was away! Isn’t she a sweetie … she said she wanted to encourage me … and that’s why she sat down to try each challenge! 😀 I would love to see what you have come up with … did any one else try any of the challenges? Check them out … you will find that they really help with inspiration & ideas!

Here are Christine’s Samples … (I have put them in as a gallery … so make sure you click on each photo so you can fully appreciate the gorgeous results!)

I love what Christine has done. Her “bling” card is so lovely … she has used the “faux silk” technique on this one, too! And … what a great idea for her “not square” card! She has started with a Circle … and folded 3 “flaps” that overlap to form a triangle card! Wow! Just so stunning and soooo clever! I arrived home from hols to find my BRAND NEW circle cutter had arrived! Yippee!!! I am soooo going to try this idea of Christine’s with my new cutter. It will make it so easy! I have already given it a quick work out … and it really is simple to use! No more oddly shaped circles for my cards!!! 😀

So … I hope seeing Christine’s cards have inspired you to have a go at the Holiday Challenges. Yes … I know the holidays are over … but we can all indulge for just a little while longer! I am hoping to try some over the weekend!

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