Faux Tile Combo French Knot

Hi! Before I start … I have to acknowledge that I have CASED this card (although I have changed the design & colours a little) … here is the original idea -> Mel Stampz

17. Finished Card
17. Finished Card

This card is using two techniques you may not have tried before. One is “faux tiling” (or grid technique) & the other is “french knots”. I want to show you a second “faux tiling” card … that REALLY looks like wall tiles … but I will add that in a 2nd mini post so the pics don’t get mixed up with this tutorial gallery!


So … here is the tutorial … the photos are a little small … and the grid lines are a little hard to see … so click on the pic to enlarge if you need to see better detail.

This is such a WOW card … I think ‘cos it is a little different! Don’t be afraid to try the French knots they really aren’t hard. We did this at stamp club and all the girls managed them really well!

Colours used: Pale Plum, Purely Pomegranate, Certainly Celery. Stamp sets: Garden Whimsy, Family Phrases, Daisy Field Wheel Stamp. Certainly Celery Ribbon.

signature-picAnd … check back here later … I will post the other “Faux Tile” card we did …

“Til then … I hope you have a great day!

All images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009. Artwork by Andrea Lowcock



  1. Amy Fleming says:

    Very ery cool!! I am going to case this idea myself!!!Love those sewed on buttons.
    Not sure if I am going to convention but would love to catch up if i do 🙂
    Andrea adds: I am glad I read your 2nd comment at the same time … buttons … beads … still a little mixed up … as it is only french knots!!! 😀


  2. Amy Fleming says:

    I am an idiot!! I just read my comment I mean beads….
    Andrea adds: yep … join the club … you are going to laugh when I show you my tri-fold card that I cased from you … keep watching!


  3. Julie Andrews says:

    This looks great, Andrea. Another one to have a go at. I imagine this would look good even if you didn’t do the french knots.
    Julie A
    Andrea adds: Hi Julie! I’m sure you will manage the french knots … have a go!


  4. Such a fun tutorial Andrea!! I cross-stitch and know my French knots, so this I will have to give a try and also the scoring on my cutter. I forget I have that option!! LOL! Such a beautiful card… TFS!! 🙂
    Andrea adds: Another thing we have in common, Michelle … I cross stitch too!


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