Sandy’s Cricket Card for Josh

Hi girls … just wanted to share this cute card. I am convinced that some boys who are “real boys” (like Sandy) can inherit some of their mum’s creative “genes”!!! I am telling you … Sandy (11yr old son) is a REAL BOY … He loves watching the footy … riding his motor x bike … surfing … playing ANY type of sport – particularly soccer … playing drums … meat pies … Holden Cars … etc etc. But … he also occasionally sits down and spends some time creating! And … this is his latest creation.

new-catty-004Sandy will swear he doesn’t have any “arty” genes … and finds art at school a real challenge … but he does seem to like to stamp! And … I guess this also proves that SU! is for EVERYONE!!! Don’t think you need to be “arty” to be able to create a gorgeous card! It is so easy with all the wonderful SU! products! Everything is already coordinated … and works so well together!

Sandy was a little disappointed that the stars had the circle around them (from rocking the stamp a little) … but typical boy … he was not disappointed enough to do it again!!! 😀 I told him it was like a “shadow” and he was quite satisfied! And … apart from tying the ribbon … all this was completely Sandy’s handiwork!!! He had asked me for an idea for a design … and I showed him how to look up his stamp set on SCS to find some inspiration! And … then I left him to it! He found a hockey card … and based his design around it.

So … this card is now in my card holder … ready for my nephew, Josh’s birthday! Great work, Sandy!!!

signature-picWill be back later today with a special offer on some new DSP!!!

Images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009. Artwork by Sandy Lowcock.


  1. Lee-Anne says:

    This card is awesome. What a great job! I think the circles around the stars are cool too, not a mistake, but a great added design feature. Sandy should be extremely proud of his effort. I’m thinking there might be hope for my sons too, as my 10 year old is a real boys boy as well.
    Andrea adds: Yes … put some card & stamps in front of him … He will watch you for ideas … and I’m sure you will be surprised!


  2. Fiona Harrison says:

    He did a great job. I like the circles, they echo the shape of the ball, thought it was part of the stamp til I read your explanation.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Fiona … I will tell Sandy … he will be pleased!


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