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Hi everyone! Well … today is the first time this week I have had a little time to myself! And … before I show you a cute card that we did at my sister’s workshop yesterday … I wanted to show you this ……….

Jono, Stacey, Skye, Sheree, Shane

These are my gorgeous kiddies! (Not so kiddy anymore … but I love ’em to bits!) They were at a friend’s wedding on Friday and I insisted that they get a photo of them all dressed up! (Of course, Jono doesn’t belong to me … but he is part of the family now!!! 😀 ) Sandy was too “little” to attend (much to his disgust)!

Stacey (23) Skye (16) Sheree (19)
Stacey (23) Skye (16) Sheree (19)

And … here are my gorgeous girls! And they are all just as beautiful on the inside!!! I am NOT a biased mum!!! 😕

And … one last photo … I don’t want Sandy to feel left out …

Sandy turns 11
Sandy turns 11

This is Sandy on Monday … his 11th birthday! He didn’t take this “Real Madrid – Raul” football outfit off for two days!!!! Yes … he had a great day!

signature-picI will be back in a little while with a card … keep watching this space!!!

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  1. Hey Andrea!! Yes, I’m still alive and blogging tonight… 🙂 Sure missed you and your lovely creations! When Easter arrived and getting ready for a stamping retreat weekend, with life in-between… I could just get my posts done and not much blog surfing… LOL! Thank SO much for the lovely comments!! 🙂 You are very sweet. Your girls are so PRETTY! Plus the boys look very handsome!! I sure can see you in them! Sandy looks SO excited on his birthday and I seen his “COOL” card he made! Off to surf your FABULOUS blog girl… I’m seeing FANTASTIC eye candy! Smiles… 🙂
    Andrea adds: Hi Michelle! Welcome back! So nice to see you! And … as always … soooooooo lovely!!!


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