Feeling for Shelli

Just off to bed … but had to stop by … and let you all know …

I was just checking out Shelli’s blog … to see whether she had blogged about her trip to Australia … and found out some sad news. Shelli lost two members of her family while she was in Canberra – a 78 yr old uncle (from cancer) & a young cousin (senior high school) who was tragically killed in an accident. My heart just ached for her … and I can’t get this off my mind now! I am amazed how well she “soldiered on” at Convention despite the sadness she must have been feeling. It just makes me realise even more what an amazing person she is!

Sorry to share such sad news … but after meeting her on the weekend … I really felt so much for her dealing with this sadness … and having to continue to put on a brave face! I hope she knows that there a many of her Australian friends who will be praying for her tonight … and in the coming days & weeks!

Hugs, Andrea xxxxxxx