Computer Probs …. Picture this … !!!


Ok …. picture this …. It is 7.30am ….

  1. Gav has gone to work (only on Wednesday does he have to leave early … every other day he works from home!) …
  2. Shane is in the paddock chasing a cow that just won’t go into the cattle race … to get shipped off to market (Gav had already tried to round him up the night before!) …
  3. The washing machine is NOT working … just refuses to turn on … with a full load sitting in it …
  4. I have to be at my mum’s to pick her up by 8.30am for the 1 1/2 hour trip to the airport in Sydney … (and 1 1/2 hr trip home again)
  5. I also had to finalise the school newsletter … which means checking for an email from the principal with his editorial item … and inserting it into the prepared file ….  printing … ready to take to school  …
  6. Sheree has to leave by 7.45am to get to uni …
  7. I come downstairs after my shower to find Ree standing with a hair dryer … trying to dry out my computer!!!!!!!!!!!! … Yep! She had been sitting at my computer checking something … and was eating her brekkie at the same time! And … now … there was orange juice …. ALL THROUGH MY COMPUTER!!!

Needless to say … my computer DID NOT LIKE orange juice … and of course was also refusing to turn on!!!!

I think I handled this mutiple crisis situation rather calmly!! 😀 After all … it could so easily have been my coffee all through the computer … as I do have a habit of drinking coffee while posting!!! I really had no choice … I had no time to panic!!!

The newsletter was handed over by phone … to the principal’s PA (who also happens to be my sis!) I sent all the pages that were ready and she managed to organise the front page with his editorial for me!

The cow finally went into the cattle race … and Shane re-appeared to take control of the computer … ie. ring Gav … find warranty … ring insurance … take down to computer shop in the hope that SOMEHOW … we might be able to retrieve files!

The washing machine started working again … and the other 2 kids got organised to get to school. I left in time to pick up my mum (just) … all the time thinking about the hours and hours and hours of work ahead of me …. you all know what is involved in setting up a new computer!!! Mailing lists are lost!!! All my SU! organisation files & pics … lost!!!! All my photos … lost!!! All my newsletter files … lost!!! Starting from scratch is NOT a thing to celebrate!!!

But … until the computer shop rings tomorrow … and tells me if they have been able to retrieve anything … I need to be calm …

That’s what I keep telling myself! 😉

So … my apologies to anyone who is emailing … or sending comments … or waiting for me to contact them! I will be back on deck as soon as I can … but in the meantime … I hope you can all understand if there are some delays!!! I do have 4 kids fighting over their 2 computers … and Gav & I have our own … but now … while mine is out of action … I am probably going to have VERY limited access to a computer. Please don’t think I have disappeared … just imagine me pacing pacing pacing … waiting to get my computer back in action once again!!! And … please come back … I will be here again soon! And … you never know … maybe I will get some housework done!!! 😀

Stampin’ Hugs, Andrea


    1. Leigh says:

      OMG, I don’t envy you at all with all that going on in one morning. Hope you are back online with your own computer soon Andrea.
      Andrea adds: Hi Leigh! It is so nice of everyone to stop by to sympathise with my plight! Will look at your blog as soon as I get a chance!!! Have to give this puter back to my daughter asap!!!


    2. Oh Andrea – WHAT a morning!!! It’s great to see and hear some humour in your post though – I think I would be in a straight jacket – LOL. Your little cartoon had me laughing though – I keep saying I’d have a cleaner house if I didn’t spend soo much time blogging!!!
      Hope your computer comes home all better soon.
      Thanx for your wonderful Convention swap and the inspiration it gave me!
      Andrea adds: Oh it was so nice that you stopped by again, Debbie! Glad I gave you some entertainment for the morning! And … having no computer has actually meant time for some stamping! So … at least that is one good thing. But … I am having withdrawals! Will pop by your blog again … as soon as I can!


    3. WOW’ZA Andrea! Let’s just keep our fingers crossed that you can retrieve all your info and get a new computer up and running soon… 🙂 I did some “NAIL” bighting a year ago as we lost info and didn’t have a current back up, but did get a few things off of it. We now back-up every 3 months… or less!

      I bet you feel lost without your computer.. This is my “out-let” to the world, info research, paying bills online, blog surfing, e-mails, etc. Enjoy the house cleaning, or you can opt for more stamping… He!! Hugs.. Michelle 🙂
      Andrea adds: yep! stamping won!!! I spent today indulging a little … and really enjoyed the play time! My computer is supposed to be backing up automatically to one of the other puters on our network … trouble is … we can’t find where!!! 😉 😀 Will pop by your blog as soon as I can have some decent time on a computer!!!


    4. Oh Andrea I feel your pain 😦 I am so very thankful that hubby is a puta geek so he can fix all my misbloomers! Thankfully too I havent had many of those lately 😀
      Andrea adds: Thanks for the sympathy, Leonie! I am feeling so lost without it … and so frustrated that people are emailing … and I don’t even know! AAArrrggghhh! 😥 I just hope I can get back online soon! Will visit once I do! Hugs!


    5. Julie Andrews says:

      Andrea sweetie,
      Just let everything go, hop in the car, and visit me. I will give you a foot massage – you need ONE!!!!!
      (I have those sort of mornings regularly!!!)
      I hope by the time you are able to read this, that everything has smoothed out nicely for you.
      Love Julie
      Andrea adds: If only I had read this when you sent it!!! I would have soooo been there!!! Foot massage!!!??? Can I take a rain check??? You are a hunny to suggest it! But … now I won’t let you forget that offer!!! Computer still in the shop! No news so far!!!


    6. Tanya says:

      Oh no Andrea, no computer……………argh 🙂 You are a wonderful mum, taking a deep breathe & realising there is no point in being angry or getting upset 🙂
      What a morning, I hope you had a safe trip to the airport with your mum & home again & I hope you can get your computer or a new one sorted out soon…..:) Love your blog & anyone who reads it will definitely be back
      Don’t stress hunny, just think of how much crafting you can achieve without the computer being a distraction….lol (which is my biggest trouble at the moment…..)
      Tan xox
      Andrea adds: Hi Tan! Thanks for all your encouragements! Yes … stamping won out! I decided that I should take advantage of not having the distraction today … and actually put together 5 new sets … and played with two of them!!! Yay! Will pop by your blog as soon as I can! Hugs! xxx


    7. Vanessa Webb says:

      Oh no Andrea! I did laugh at your story until i imagined myself in the same position…..without a computer…….not a pretty picture!!! Looks like things have been resloved…….looking forward to returning to scheduled programming soon!!
      Andrea adds: Still waiting to hear about whether to fix or replace … either way it is still going to be awhile!!! Am really having withdrawals … and feeling really out of touch! So much to catch up on!!! Have a great weekend!


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