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Hi … back again with another of my “wow” blogs that I love to visit. Amy is so clever and I just can’t keep up with her! Always something new to look at on her blog! So … make sure you have a peek!!! (Actually … go get your coffee … and have more thank a peek … it is well worth it!!!)


Amy has such varied style … and I just love the way she puts colours together. This is just such a perfectly constructed card … don’t you think? Everything perfectly coordinated – papers, stamp images, image colours, card colours, ribbons & embellishments! And … just love those little pearls along the bottom!


Amy loves to do challenges (this was a KWerner Colour Inspiration Challenge) … and has just become part of Keesh’s design team for her Inkspiration challenges. This is such a fun card … and I love the way Amy has combined the colours from the challenge! They could be quite overwhelming together … but this is just adorable!


Another colour challenge … but I just love all the layering! And … Amy has stamped everywhere on this card … but somehow doesn’t make it look too busy!!! This is just so yummy and … the bling on the main images is a perfect touch!


Doesn’t this card just make you want to run and get that stamp set out and use it straight away! Make sure you check the link above where there are more close-ups of this card! You will see the glitter ALL OVER the white background card. (Can’t remember the technique name … I’m sure it will come to me after I finish this post! —- Added later: Just checked … it is called “Dazzling Diamond Dust”) And … how stunning are the rhinestone brads in the centre of the jumbo eyelets! What a FAB idea! Now you know why I love to visit Amy’s blog … always something to inspire!

signature-picAs each day passes I am more and more hopeful that my new computer will soon arrive! But … then begins the tedious set up… you all know how long that takes … just to get it the way you like it! And … I still have my fingers crossed that all my precious photos & files will be able to be retrieved and re-saved to my new computer. Back soon! (I hope!)

Oh … and thanks so much Amy for allowing me to use your gorgeous creations on my blog!

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  1. amy Fleming says:

    OHH Andrea I have finally just had a bit of time today to do some blog surfing and visit some of my friends blogs:) You gave me such a surprise when i saw some of my cards on you your blog YOU ARE FAR TO KIND!!!! I hope your computer comes soon and that you have a fantastic week!!
    Thinking of you often,
    Andrea adds: Hi Amy! I have missed you! Thanks for stopping by. But … I do understand how busy you have been now that you are a design team member for Keesh! How fantastic! Can’t wait to see all your amazing challenge samples!


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