Sneak Peek X 2 !!!

Hi again!

Sorry I didn’t make it yesterday … that play day on Tuesday … turned into more on Wednesday afternoon & evening  … and then some more this morning!!! So … I have been such a busy bee! But … the biggest problem … I can’t share all my creations with you … YET!!!  😉  😀

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I have been working on two coming events … A “Christmas in July” day stamp a stack … and a “Card Buffet” for a date yet to be determined! So … I thought I would give you a quick “sneak peek” of both!!! Just to whet your appetitite … and hopefully encourage you to book a spot at either class. (Details will follow soon … just need to finalise … and I will let you know!) KEEP WATCHING!!! 😯

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So … you can probably guess which are for the “Christmas in July” and which are for the “Card Buffet”! I am so excited … you are going to love these creations … and I hope you will look forward to sharing some time with me … and creating some of these gorgeous cards for yourself!!! Keep watching for details to book your spot for both these classes!!!

signature-picMust fly … lots to do!!!

Images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009.  Artwork by Andrea Lowcock.


  1. Lovely sneak peeks – look forward to seeing the rest!!!
    Andrea adds: I could show you them, Debbie … but then I would have to “kill you”! LOL!!! 😉 Can’t wait to show you … keep watching!!!


  2. Tanya Kitto says:

    Hi Andrea hun, sorry I haven’t been visiting, my life has been all over the place. I have just gotten back into blogland after having 2 weeks mia….
    Ooooo you have your pre-order & you’ve been playing already. I’m not expecting mine much before middle to end of next week, but that’s ok because then I might be inclined to play. Your sneak peaks look fabulous 🙂 Thanks for showing us I can’t wait to see the rest of them.
    Tan xox
    I have left an award for you on my blog
    Andrea adds: Oh Tan! How kind! I will get over to your blog as soon as I catch up on a few things from hols! I hope you have got your pre-order and have had some fun! Will check your blog for your new creations! Hugs xxx


  3. Christine says:

    Hi! Can’t wait for your “events”. I need to get a start on Christmas. Count me in!
    Andrea adds: Looking forward to sharing some time on Thursday … you are going to love the new Christmas stamp sets!!!


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