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Hello … welcome to a new week!!!

I haven’t shared any of my scrapbooking for AGGGGGEEESSS!!! I guess that is because I haven’t done any (except for a few demo album 6 x 6″ pages) for AGGGGGEEESSS!!! Yes … I have been very neglectful of my album!!! Until just recently …

Up until a couple of years ago we had a wall in our family room that had gradually been covered in family portraits … showing our family growing up! All in chronological order … kinda like a family history. But … just when Stacey got married I realised that the wall was full … and that we had actually reached a new stage in our family life!!! We now had wedding photos to display … and the potential for a whole new generation to come!!!

Skye, Julie, Stacey, Melissa, Sheree (Dec 2006)

So … I made the decision to take down all the mismatched photo frames holding all those memories and use the photos to create a family portrait album. I also bought a collage frame and put some gorgeous wedding photos of Stace & Jono’s wedding … and put that up as a new start for the wall! It is lovely! But … no more weddings yet … so it has remained the only frame on the wall! (Not that I am in any hurry whatsoever for any more weddings!!!)

So … the actual reason for this post was to show you some more Petal Pizzazz … on the photo pages that I created just a couple of weeks ago. Now … remember … this album is not planned in the sense that I have not organised a specific number of photos for each page … and it is difficult to fill … as I had to buy an A3 album so it was big enough to hold some of those gi-normous family portraits that were hanging on the wall … so in a sense I am working with a handicap!!! I have to make the best of keeping the photos in chronological order … and sometimes that means totally filling a page … and sometimes it means that there are lotsa gaps. Sometimes that also means that facing pages are not themed … but I am generally happy with how it is coming together!!! Here are my Petal Pizzazz pages … I hope you can see the detail!!! I probably should have photographed these pages OUT of the album!!! My album is themed all the way through with Teal / Turquoise / Blues & Chocolate / Caramels. It really is quite pretty! (And … the brand new Parisian Breeze Specialty Designer Series Papers from the new Spring Mini team perfectly with my colours … so I CAN’T WAIT to use some of those!!!)

pg 16&17

So … I do try to theme a double page … and I think I have done that fairly successfully here … even though the two pages are quite a contrast for the type of photos! I have stamped and punched / cut most of the embellishments for these pages! It came together quite quickly because this set is such an easy set to use.

You can see the kids are still quite young here … I HAVE A LOOOOOONNNNGGG way to go!!! But … at least I am back into it after quite a long break! These are the first of my SU! pages … and … when I look back at my pre-SU! pages I do wonder “what was I thinking” … but I think some of them are quite lovely … where as some others I wish I could do over!!!I haven’t done alot of journalling … but do have a year date on each page.

Here are another 2 of my NEW SU! pages … this time using “Friends 24-7” & “Bella’s Border” wheel stamp across the chocolate strip. You can see how hard it is to scrap an A3 album … so many paper joins!!! But … mostly … it works ok!

pg 18&19

And … here are some of the PRE-SU! pages … sigh … if only I knew what I know now!!! Most of the photos are A5 size … which are alot more tricky for placement … and also for framing etc. But … I guess I am learning more as I go!!!

pg 1

pg 2&3

pg 8&9

pg 10&11

pg 14&15

So … phew! I’m sorry to bore you all with those photos … but I was in a sharing mood!!! At least I didn’t show you every page!!! 😀

Back tomorrow with some more … I hope to show you that new stamp set!!!

Images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009.  Artwork by Andrea Lowcock.

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  1. Michelle Y. says:

    TFS your special memories!! It’s so much fun seeing a family grow, flourish with joy, and the stages of life! I bet it was hard taking the photo’s down, and your album is AMAZING! You have such a fun loving family which will TREASURE them “FOREVER”!!! Now off to see more eye candy…. Hee! 🙂
    Andrea adds: It was a little self-indulgent to post all these pics … but I am glad you enjoyed seeing them! Still a long way to go … but getting there gradually! Hugs xx


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