I am sooooo spoilt!!!

Hi everyone!

You will all remember that I recently participated in a cyberstamp … and submitted entries to several of the stamping challenges! Well … look what came in the mail for me today!!! A prize pack. Now … I do think Tanya has spoilt me a little … actually A LOT!!! I did win one of the colour challenges … but I really wasn’t expecting such a generous prize. (Tan did say that there were several that I did really well in … so I think she may have included extra as an encouragement award, too!!!??? ❓ But … I was so excited to receive this in the mail!!!

Cyberstamp Prize

I realised the pretty “Fresh Cuts” card in the front is blocking the sweet notebook that is sitting behind! But … Tanya must have known that I am a total stationery junkie … and just can’t resist pretty notebooks!!! I have the perfect use for this one!!! But … will show you that another day. So … included in the pack were two sensational cards, a covered notebook and a cellophane box with LOTSA GOODIES!!! And … so delightfully decorated!!! Isn’t Tanya sooooo talented! 😀

Cyberstamp Prize Box

Just look at that gorgeous Christmas Paper on the top … that is from the BRAND NEW Spring Mini Catalogue. Oh … why o why did Tanya have to show me that one??? I had bought both of the other two paper packs from the Mini … but now I will just have to get this one too!!! Just toooo tempting!!! So … here is what is inside …

Cyberstamp Prize pack

Wow!!! So much to show!!! Another two darling cards … Some corduroy buttons (baja breeze AND basic grey) and some of the NEW jumbo brads as well as the lovely striped ribbon!!!  All from the Spring Mini Catty!!! (More now that I HAVE TO add to my wish list!!! I think Tanya is on commission with SU! to get me to buy more stuff!!! 😀 )

Oh … and Tan … I am munching on the DELICIOUSLY DELECTABLE chocolate while I type this post!!! MMmmm – Lindt!!! But … I have never had this type before … so am having a little trouble just pinning down the flavour??? It has caramelly chips in it!!! Extremely yummy!!! I hope you are all licking your lips while you are reading!!! 😀 Actually … that is a bit mean … what I meant to say is … I wish I could share some with you all!!! No … actually … that is a TOTAL lie!!! I am not good at sharing chocolate!!! 😉 Someone once told me that if you receive chocolate as a gift … then you don’t have to share!!! Chocolate as a gift means you have the TOTAL right to be selfish about it!!! (Goes against my nature … hey … but who am I to argue??? 🙄 😉 )

Thank you Tanya for such a lovely surprise in the mail. It has really brightened my day! Back tomorrow with another card!

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  1. Congraduations, The prize looks fantasic and I’m going have to eat some choclate right now….
    Andrea adds: ROFL … that was my giggle for the day Rach! I was imagining you drooling over my chocolate … I am so sorry to give you that craving!!! 😉 NOT!!! 😀


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