More cards coming … I promise!!!

Sandy!!! Get better soon!

Hi everyone …

Phew! It has been “one of those days”!!! Or should I say nights??? I was so looking forward to working on some new posts for you all today … with some new cards … but sometimes the best plans go astray! Long story … short … Sandy spent last night in the ED dept at the hospital after 3 “unconscious collapses” (hospital jargon) within half an hour. It seems there are some irregularities with his heart … which may be normal … or not … so I do need to take him to the paediatrician to follow up. I have been taking lots of phone calls this morning (two of the collapses happened at church … and the third on the way home) … so lots of lovely kind friends have been ringing to check that he is ok this morning! So … after arriving home at 3am … it took a little while to get going this morning (although I was up at 8am) … and with all the interruptions I still haven’t even started on that darn newsletter!!! (All my blog groupies will know that Monday is spent preparing the school newsletter – a job I really enjoy doing … but it does take several hours to finish!)

So … hhhmmm … what can I share with you to keep you going until I can find some time to do a regular post???

How about somthing from my absolute favourite designer … Silke Ledlow? I am just so taken by her style … it is so glamorous and elegant and every card is just stunning! PLEASE CLICK ON THE CARD PIC TO VISIT SILKE’S BLOG … and see more gorgeous designs. Isn’t this a lovely stamp image & phrase? And … there are those yummy silver half pearls!!! 😉 Just love ’em!

Hopefully I will find some time tomorrow to do some real posting … but I really do have to get to that newsletter!!! Have a nice day!!!


  1. Michelle Y. says:

    WOW, Andrea… you sure had s LONG night! Sandy is in my prayers and that God is with all of you!! I hope you find out what is going on. You gave us some SWEET eye candy to enjoy and I LOVE Silke’s creations too. TFS…. 🙂
    Andrea adds: Thanks so much Michelle … you are so sweet! Thanks for your prayers! xxx


  2. Sounds like a scary night, I’m glad all is O.K. Yes I Silke’s creations are beautiful.
    Andrea adds: Hi Rachel … thanks for saying hi! It’s so nice to have such caring friends! xx


  3. Oh wow hun … a very long worried night for you .. any answers yet? and how is Sandy now? keeping you all covered in prayer xx
    Andrea adds: Sandy is ok … pretty washed out … a bit like me!!! 😉 No answers until we see the paediatrician I am guessing! Thanks for the prayers … you are so kind! xxx


  4. Robyn says:

    Hi Andrea! Thank you for your kind comment on my card….It’s so lovely to have found your lovely friendly blog- I will look forward to visiting again soon! I am so glad Sandy is ok- that must have been very worrying for you. btw I love Silke’s card too!
    Andrea adds: It is so lovely to meet new blog friends … thanks for stopping by … and thanks for your kind thoughts!


  5. My thooughts are with you and Sandy too – hope all gets sorted soon – what a scary night for you!
    Andrea adds: It has been so lovely to have so many wonderfully kind friends stopping by to let me know that they are thinking about Sandy. Isn’t that the wonderful thing about blogging and stamping! So many special friends to share things with … not just stamping “things” … but life “things” too! Thanks for your thoughts! xxx


  6. Lynda says:

    I am so sad to hear of this happening Andrea. I wk in cardiology (with hearts)…and the most common cause of this kinda prob is either an SVT (v v rapid heart rate) or long QT syndrome (which is common is young athletic types.) If u have any Q’s…..u can contact me off blog and I can help you deciper some of the medical speak if u wish. There are some great Paediatric Cardiologists at Westmead…but it is important that u take care of urself to at the mo… ur FAMILY IS paramount….we will always be here for you for whenever you get time. Sending all the good vibes I can ur way. Take care darl….ooxx
    Andrea adds: Another example of how caring the stamping/blogging community are for each other … what a kind email, Lynda! Thanks for your info … and your concern! Hopefully this is just a passing incident … but … I will make sure I pick your brains … once I know a little more about what is going on! Thanks so much! xxx


  7. Regina says:

    Oh, Andrea – that’s not good news to hear! I hope meanwhile Sandy feel much better now and you also know the reason for the breakdown.

    To create cards is at time not important . All your friends will understand this.

    Big hug from me in the far away germany!
    I wish Sandy good soon recovery!

    Andrea adds: I have been so moved by everyone’s kind thoughts for Sandy … it has just been so lovely to get such a response from everyone! And … thanks for understanding about the card making! You are a gem! xxx


  8. Lee-Anne says:

    Oh Andrea, I am so sorry to hear about Sandy. That must have been a very long night for you, it is so worrying when something is not right with one of our children. Having a son the same age I can truly sympathise with you and my thoughts and prayers are with you as you wait to see what the problem is.
    Just remember always that God is with you, especially in these times. I found a little gift bag the other day that says:
    10 things God wants you to remember:
    I wil bless you
    I will strengthen you
    I will not fail you
    I will answer you
    I believe in you
    I am for you
    I will be with you
    I will provide for you
    I will give you rest
    I love you
    Wonderful words that we can truly rely on each and every day.
    Thinking of you and hoping you get answers soon.
    Andrea adds: Oh Lee-Anne … these are such encouraging words … thanks so much for sharing them with me. I might have to share these in a post sometime soon! Hugs xxx


  9. I hope Sandy is better soon. It’s a worrying thing but I’m sure the docs will have him sorted out soon,
    Love Fi xox
    Andrea adds: Thanks Fi! I am sure he will be fine … just need to follow up to be safe! Thanks for your care! xxx


  10. Cass says:

    Just read this post. Will be keeping him in prayer. *hugs* for you!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Cass … he is doing much better! xxx


  11. amy Fleming says:

    Oh Andrea I am praying for you and Sandy!!!
    Gosh doesn’t it remind you in times like these of how we really need to treasure our love ones 🙂
    Thinking of you heaps and take it easy for awhile,
    Gods richest Blessings
    Andrea adds: Hey Aims! Thanks so much for your prayers and loving concern … I am so touched by everyone’s messages! and … you are soooo right … not enough treasuring! xx


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