Lovely as a Tree – 2 samples!

Hi everyone!

I am so sorry that I have been a little MIA. I am trying to catch up on everything that has been piling up … but even this week is a little “snowed” … so I probably won’t be quite back in full swing for a little while yet. I had a lovely time at the Katoomba Women’s convention on the weekend. It was one of the best I have been to … and even though I nearly decided not to go (too tired) I am so glad that I did because I am always so encouraged and ‘recharged’ emotionally and spiritually whenever I go. It was so lovely to spend some time with 2 of my daughters … and catch up with some friends, too! I even saw Ness (my darling upline) there!!! Thanks, everyone, for all your prayers and concern for me. It has truly touched me to read your comments and realise that you are feeling for me at the moment! Hopefully, things will start to get back into a routine again soon.

Before I go and prepare for my class that is on this Saturday … I wanted to share a couple more of my “Lovely as a Tree” cards that I made for my friend in Q’ld …

Lovely as a Tree - Birthday

Lovely as a Tree - Birthday zDon’t you just love this “Sanded” background stamp!!! It always adds such interest to a dull background! I have included a card recipe below with all the measurements for this card … but just a HINT … make sure you stamp the tree image on the strip of white card BEFORE you cut it into 3 squares! I think this is a perfect Male birthday card!!!


Lovely as a Tree - Leaves

Lovely as a Tree - Leaves zThis second one … is a little different. I must admit … I have never used this leaf stamp as a highlighted image before … but it does look quite pretty as a 3D image. (Not my favourite … but it came together quite nicely! 😉 ) The leaves are just coloured using the colours that I have picked out of the “Walk in the Park” DSP. And …aren’t the two satin ribbons on this card just so yummy!

Hope you are enjoying the inspiration from this “oldie but goodie” stamp set … I have one more to show you … but perhaps I will leave that until tomorrow! I should get going on that class prep! There is a wierd “aura” around today … it is quite windy and the wind has picked up the dust from the west of the state … and is bringing it across to the coast. I am looking out at my gorgeous view … and the sky is quite brown. Very wierd! Hope you are having a good day … and your allergies aren’t playing up like mine today!

Images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009. Artwork by Andrea Lowcock.

Please click on recipe card below for an enlarged image with easy to read detail.

Birthday Greetings

Lovely as a Tree - B'day Greetings


Lovely as a Tree - Leaves


  1. Regina says:

    Andrea, you’ve been so creative!! Both cards are great work, as always!
    My favorite is the second card. I love the 3-D-look and the fresh colors!
    hugs Regina
    Andrea adds: Thanks Regina! It is nice to have the feedback! Hugs xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Weird aura is one way of putting it….our place was surrounded by a vibrant red/orange hue this AM…..very eerie indeed!!! U shd see the pics I took!! I am a big fan of the sanded BGS…and I love the LAAT card. Man there is a LOT of matting in that 2nd card…and so v v accurate…..A type personality huh?? 😉 I love the fresh colours in the 2nd one and it’s always nice to go out of ur comfort box at times…well done darl.
    Andrea adds: You have such a way with encouragement … such detailed responses. Thanks so much for taking the time to give me all this valuable feedback! LOL … had to giggle at the “A” Type personality comment! I guess I am a little that way inclined! I wish I could check out your creations and leave some comments … when is that blog coming??? Big hugs! xxx


  3. Michelle Y. says:

    Hi Andrea!! What GORGEOUS cards and you have such a good eye for colors… 🙂 I’m blog surfing tonight and sure enjoy what I see. In my FAV’s these gems are going for sure…. you sound super busy! And very happy with life… 🙂 My hubby is off hunting for a few days and I have a hole weekend to catch up and stamp! (Pinch me!) Work is going well! SMILES…. Michelle 🙂
    Andrea adds: Oh … it is sooooo nice to see you Michelle. Glad life is going well … and I am so happy you have a chance to stamp … I will pop by your blog soon … to see if you have shared your creations? 😀


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