Thoughts & Prayers – Brayered

Skye Sheree StaceyHello everyone!

Have been trying to get here all day … but school hols really do muck up routines … don’t they!? But … they are nice interruptions … I had lunch out today with my 3 girls … so that was really lovely! Then I sat down this afternoon to do this post … and my computer was being totally obnoxious … and it was taking me 5 mins to save … and 5 mins to open a page … and I tried rebooting 3 times without any effect whatsoever … so I GAVE UP!!!! This is not supposed to happen with NEW COMPUTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😦

So … here I am back again … perservering … but very frustrated!!! You have no idea how long it took to upload the photo of the girls!!!

Anyway … I thought I would share another card we did at the “2 Leonie’s” stamping day! Leonie N has mastered the art of brayering … and shared another lesson with us. I am feeling a lot more confident now that she has shown us some great hints. (Leonie is a BRAND NEW BLOGGER!!! – Why don’t you pop by her blog and say hi!!!) She has learnt her skills from Michelle Zindorf tutorials and also from Mrs Lumpy. I think this card has been CASED from Michelle Zindorf …

Thoughts & Prayers - Brayering

I really enjoyed creating this one. It is fun seeing it come together. For those who haven’t tried brayering … the background card started as a piece of white card. The background is created using brayering and sponging. All the details to create this card (including the brayer tutorial) are found on my card recipe at the end of this post.

I am soooooo tempted to buy this set … it is perfect for these brayered cards … and it has some lovely sympathy phrases … and I really don’t know how much longer I can resist!!! 😉

sweet day thumbDon’t forget my blog candy on offer … an $80 Simply Sent Card Kit is up for grabs … and so far I only have ONE entry!!! (Thanks Tracey for popping by to get Lynda into the draw. 😀 ) You just need a friend to enter … here are the details -> Blog Candy. Don’t take too long to respond … you might miss out!!!

Thoughts & Prayers - Brayering zI am going to go now … before I start swearing at this computer!!! I’m surprised you haven’t heard my cries of frustration!!! I have my Girls Night In tomorrow night … so will be busy getting final preps done tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if you don’t see me here … I will not be in the mood for a temperamental computer … so if it is still playing up … I won’t have the patience or the time to do a post. So … you might have to wait until Saturday!!!

Images copyright © Stampin’ Up! ® 1997—2009. Artwork by Andrea Lowcock.

Please click on recipe card below for an enlarged image with easy to read detail.

Brayered Silhouette Tree Recipe


  1. Tanya Kitto says:

    WOW how nice to go out to lunch with your 3 girls 🙂 bet you all enjoyed it. This is a gorgeous card Andrea 🙂 I love it. Thanks for sharing it, I know what you mean about computers……mine drives me CRAZY (more so than normal) at times 😛
    Have a wonderful Girls Night In
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: Thanks Tan! Will try and visit your blog sometime soon. Will breathe again after tonight … although I know it is going to be heaps of fun … it has taken quite a bit of my time in organising!!! 😀


  2. Lynda says:

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhh….they were cries of frustration…..I was gunna call Ghostbusters!! Thought there was a wailing Banshee abt town….;) Seriously…firstly the card…OMG…must have taken FOREVER!! It’s magnificent…perhaps its just me..but I get a Twilight vibe fm it?? Perfect with Haloween just around the corner. The gel pen to the leaves is FAB!! Secondly…dontcha just HATE faulty DNA!!! LOL!!! Ur girls are stunning. Even got them co-ordinated in blue tones same as ur card…fluke perhaps…but gotRipley’s Believe It Or Not on hold….just in case!!! LOL!!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Oh Lynda!!! What am I going to do if ever you stop visiting!!! It isn’t even 7.30am … but I have a huge smile on my face … and you put it there!!! LOL!!! I will have to tell the girls what you said!!! You are sooooo sweet! R U a Twilight fan??? I am gradually getting through the 2nd book … but time eludes me and it is slow!!! My youngest daughter, Skye is a BIG FAN … but thankfully not obsessed!!! 😀 Maybe I don’t want you to start a blog. I know I can’t possibly live up to the entertaining comments you leave on my blog!!! 😀


    1. Lynda says:

      Not a Twilight fan….but happy to push the bandwagon outa the breakdown lane!! LOL!! unfortunately b/w family/wk/craft and family activities…reading has sadly become an infrequent luxury!! With the exception of outstanding blogs og course…hee hee hee!! So v v glad I cld put a smile on ur face. I promise you that I will still leave comments for you….even when I start blogging. ooxx
      Andrea adds: LOL … yes … but how will I ever keep up leaving comments on your blog??? 😉


  3. chrissieah says:

    This card is beautiful and I hope you can show me how to do it sometime – seeing I do have that stamp set!! However, LOL, I am going to sound really selfish here but for once I have a stamp set that you don’t – so our mutual friends will not be doubling up on those comments!! Not only do I have to compete with your simply amazing creations when we send cards to the same people but having the same words would be worse!! He He!! Sooooo – feel free to borrow mine, but resist that temptation to buy!!
    Don’t worry, I don’t really feel the competition! I am quite happy to admit you are the crafty, artistic twin!
    Andrea adds: LOL … I am amazed at how quickly you learn … it is just that I have more time to practice … not that I have more talent!!! And … yes … one of these Friday nights … when the kids are at youth group … you will have to come up and have a lesson! C U tonight, sis! 😀 xx
    PS … you should add your URL for your blog when you leave a comment … you never know who might click on the link after reading your comment and visit your blog!!!


    1. chrissieah says:

      I know this is going to make me sound very stupid – but how do I leave my url? LOL
      Andrea adds: Hhhmmm … now I am going to sound really stupid!!! 🙄 I can’t see it … but … when you click on “comments” to make a comment … isn’t there an option to add your email address & your URL??? Now you’ve got me thinking … I’m sure that’s what I do when I go to other blogs??? So … I’m going to go and check that one!!! LOL! 😉
      Andrea adds a PS: It seems as long as you are logged in on your blog … then because you are WordPress too … it automatically adds the URL! ??? I THINK!!! :Roll:


  4. Yes Chrissie, why don’t you leave us your blog address?? I’ll pop on over and visit your beautiful creations.
    Hope tonight has gone well Andrea!!
    Jenny xx
    Andrea adds: I hope she pops back and reads this!!! Thanks Jenny!!! I will let her know!


  5. chrissieah says:

    Looks like we’ve worked out how to do the URL!! I didn’t have the address in my profile! I thought that section was for the many other web sites that belong to me!! Der! It was waiting for me to put my wordpress one!! Maybe I will get some visitors now!
    Andrea adds: Hopefully some of my blog friends will pop by and say hi! Glad we worked it out!!! 😀


  6. Michelle Y. says:

    Wonderful card!!!! SO loving how you brayered the background which really shows the moon so well and gives such a calming feeling. And those silver pearls are perfect!! Your girls look so gorgeous and happy on your lunch date! And those darn computer problems… I hope you got them fixed or looked at. Sometimes I could toss these machines out the window… ha!
    Andrea adds: I really am feeling much more confident with brayering after this class … so I can recommend you to try it … all the step by step instructions are in the card recipe! I hope they help others give it a go … because it is a really satisfying technique! Thanks for all your lovely comments! Oh … I don’t think I could actually toss the puter out … but I came very close to it! Hugs xxx


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