Spotlight on Christmas Class

Please bear with me this week … I have guests staying Mon – Sat … so will be a little occupied! I may not respond immediately to emails … But … I will try and get here to do some posts & respond to comments & emails as often as I can!!!

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You are invited …

 Post Card Invite pic

*** PLEASE … PRETTY PLEASE … can I request that you do RSVP to this event BY THE RSVP DATE. I have had several classes recently that I have either had to cut more packs at the last minute … or have spare packs left over. It is difficult when planning a class – even down to how many stamp sets I might need … to have no idea how many people are coming. So … I am hoping that you will RSVP as requested. I would really appreciate this courtesy!  So … why not just pop an email off to me NOW … while you think about it. (No deposit required … just bring your class fee along to class.) BUT YOU DO HAVE TO BOOK YOUR SPOT!




  1. Erin says:

    Hi was just catching up on your blog my nan is staying with us while she gets her bathroom renovated so have been keeping her entertained. anyway that night the 13th some of us are going to ness’s and she is going to help us make the book to look cake not sure if you know how to do this one what a shame you already have something on that night. hope you keep well
    Andrea adds: How did I miss that one??? I am so sad I can’t go. I have been onto the forum reasonably regularly … so not sure why I missed that! Oh well … you will have to come and show me! Hugs xxx


  2. Michelle Y. says:

    Hi Andrea… yes it’s me! I just had to pop in to see what my sweet stamping friend has been up too… 🙂 What bright and cheery cards you have lined up for class. Beautiful layouts and color combos…. 🙂

    We just came in from going out to dinner tonight. It’s Halloween here and we seen some pretty interesting “ADULT” costumes. WOW! Enjoy your day… HUGS! 🙂
    Andrea adds: I am smiling … imagining just what you meant by “interesting” & “Adult”!!!! 🙂 So happy to see you! Will pop by your blog asap! (Just prob not this week!)


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