Spotlight on Christmas Blog Class – Lesson 3


I’ve gotta tell ya … I am my own worst enemy!!! I was all excited that today I was going to have a play day doing swaps for the SU! Regionals that are on in Sydney this Saturday … BUT … then I decided to go to the school fair committee meeting last night!!! I should’ve known better!!! 🙄 I thought it would be helpful to know what was going on … because I always end up with the newsletter advertising! And … it is much easier to do the advertising if you know what it is we need to highlight each week. BUT … I just can’t help myself … before I knew it … I was taking minutes of the meeting … and now have the task of putting these together … and sending them out to everyone that was there. And … with another meeting in 3 weeks … and every 2nd week in the New Year … I suddenly realised how much time this was going to take!!! So … instead of swaps … I need to get that job done … and I need to quickly add a couple of pages to the newsletter before it goes to school this morning for approval! What have I done????

But … before I toddle off … I did want to finish my Spotlight On Christmas Blog Class. So … here are the 4 cards I have already shown you …

 Spotlight on Christmas Class

And … here are the bonus 2 cards … that we also got to create!!! My girls were very happy to go home with 6 gorgeous cards.

Spotlight 5

Spotlight 5 z bSample 5 (above): A cute little square card … and we had fun creating the FAB double punched stars for this one. Always remember to punch the smaller star first … and then line up the large star around the small star “hole”. (My guests actually created this with a different sheet of the Ski Slope DSP … but it turned out just as nice! – maybe even nicer??? 😉 ) Do you like the sweet ribbon tag?

Spotlight 6

Spotlight 6 zSample 6 (above): Another great idea for this super versatile stamp set! I did see this idea somewhere in my blog travels … and tucked the idea away in my little brain … BUT … I didn’t take note at the time of where it was from??? So … if I have CASED this from you … let me know and I will add an acknowledgement! 😀 Oh … and the swirl on the left … is actually meant to be stamped inside the two ribbon tails … to look like it is hanging from the swirl. Ooops! See … my little brain didn’t store all the fine details!!! LOL 😀 🙄

Have you enjoyed my “Spotlight on Christmas” Blog Class? I hope you have taken advantage of the card recipes and opened them up and printed them out???

Spotlight 5 z aWOULD YOU LIKE TO CREATE SOME OF THESE CARDS??? THEN … WHY NOT PURCHASE YOUR SPOTLIGHT ON CHRISTMAS BUNDLE? You can check out all the details here -> Spotlight Bundle

AND … AS AN EXTRA SPECIAL BONUS … IF YOU ORDER THE SPOTLIGHT BUNDLE … I AM ALSO OFFERING A “BUY 3 PUNCHES – GET ONE FREE” OFFER. (Only available for large punches @$30.95 each +p&h … and only available until Nov 19.)

Off to play … will be back tomorrow with something new!

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  1. Tanya Kitto says:

    Hello there oh I’ll help everyone out 😛 Did you forget you need to sit & stamp & do the newsletter anyway & be a mum for 5 wonderful kids & oh yeh, don’t forget you need to find time to be a wife……well how about some “me time” maybe it will be bewteen 12 -2am like me….lol
    Love your Chrissy cards, they are gorgeous & the colours are stunning. I’m going to go check all your other posts since my last comment…..gee it’s been AGES sorry 😦
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: LOL … I wish my angel conscience could come and sit on my shoulder and remind me of that!!! And … me time at 2am is usually sleep time!!! Can’t exist on 4 hours like you do!!! 😀 Wish I could, though … think of all that stamping! xx


  2. Lynda says:

    Thanks so v v much for putting forth such a festive feast of fantastic fare Andrea!! The Baja, Choc, Kiwi combo works a treat. As for the wee misguided swirls…well now it is 100% uniquely yours…WOO HOO!!! Got a great giggle fm the sparkle…my mantra at the moment. As for your other commitment….bring gaffer tape to the next meeting for ur mooch…LOL ;). ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL … gaffer tape … gaggle tape … anything that would work. I spent almost all day doing flyers / newsletter items / minutes yesterday!!! No time for swaps for regionals at all!!! So … the next few months are going to be a nightmare!!! Just read your email … need to find time and go back and re-read it … cos I just couldn’t keep up with your whirlwind life!!! Poor Lynda! Me thinks it is YOU who needs some “down time”. Oh … and … HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! I am so annoyed that I don’t have an address … or I would send you a lovely card!!! Why didn’t you tell me it was your birthday??? And a special milestone, too!!! Hugs xxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Thanks for the b’day wishes. Whirlwind is a pretty apt description. Fingers crossed it will subside or at leasr decrease somewhat soon. I got to mat out some of my own Chrissy card today…and that felt good. Long way to go tho. Please don’t be too annoyed abt not sending me anything. It was not my angle at all. Remember to breathe in…out…and repeat!! ooxx
      Andrea adds: LOL … I hope you are listening to yourself … You also need to breathe in … out … and repeat! ooxx


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