Sympathy – Great Friend

Hi again!

Man! It was such a big day yesterday! We left home at 7.30am and got home at 8.00pm after a FULL (& successful) day of Christmas shopping at Miranda! Stacey had been notified that it was Myers’ VIP shopping night … so even when the main shops were closing at 5.30pm … we just moved on into Myers!!! But … by 6.30 pm we had had enough … and still had an 1 1/2 hr drive home including a stop at Stace’s to drop her home. Needless to say … I was too “pooped” to do a post for you last night!!! Sorry! 😉 You should see my desk!!! I just haven’t had time to scratch myself & stuff has gradually piled higher and higher!!! I haven’t even unpacked my supplies from regionals!!! And … I haven’t even managed to find time to get to the dentist yet!!! 😯

Anyway … time for a card! 😀 Here is one of the sympathy cards I made recently …

I love this Great Friend stamp set … and know it is going to be a favourite for a long time to come! It is only available for another couple of days before the Spring Mini Catalogue finishes on Nov 30. So … if you like this one … don’t miss out … send me an email order NOW!!!

Sometimes I also take the time to “dress up” the inside of a card … especially if it is a really special card. (What card isn’t really special??? 😉 ) I usually put a white copy paper folded insert in the centre … with stamped images … but sometimes I use cardstock inside to make it a little more special! And … it is always nice to decorate your envelope as well. (And SU! has the most beautifully smooth envelopes that are perfect for stamping!) I’m not sure if you can quite see the soft sponging around the edge of the card in Bashful Blue?

I was going to give you a run down on regionals … but have to get moving (again)! Will life ever get any quieter??? I don’t have any pics of regionals as one of the family members at the funeral on Friday asked to borrow my camera … and forgot to give it back! So … off to regionals I went without my camera!!! Oh no!!! 🙄 You really DON’T want to go to regionals without a camera! I am hoping Tracey will send me some of hers on a disc … she is such a hunny to offer! 😀

Anyway … gotta fly …


  1. Lynda says:

    Wowsers….slow down girlfriend…ur starting to make the rest of us lookd bad….AGAIN!!!! I sense u have resurrected that Wonder Woman suit and cape again…YES???? Unfortunately I am still undecided on this set… I think if I get anymore…hubby will disown!! LOL!! The sentiment is beautifully reflected in the card and I LURVE the colour combo!! What a co-ordinated (if somewhat hyperactive) lass u are!! Stay sane…ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! Lynda … even today you managed to bring a smile to my face! Thanks for always being so cheery … espcially when I need the cheer! I have never considered myself hyperactive … but … hhhmmm … perhaps you are right!!! 😉 Oh … and would you like me to speak to hubby??? 😀


  2. Robyn says:

    Sorry you had to make a sympathy card….but it really is lovely. The inside is just gorgeous- I’m sure it brought much comfort to those it was made for.
    Andrea adds: I hope so Robyn … thanks for the encouragement! xx


  3. Tanya Kitto says:

    Great Friend, what a great set 🙂 Love the tips of the butterfly wings & the inside is a gorgeous touch.
    Now that is what I call shopping till you drop, bet you had a ball with Stacey. We did a power shop while in Perth on Saturday, 1 hour & $700 later……boy oh boy, it was fun & I can’t believe how much I found that I wanted in such a short time & while the shops were SUPER BUSY 😀
    Tan xox
    Oh & sorry I haven’t visitied much lately, my life has been a little busy too, off to the doc’s tomorrow to have some moles removed 😕
    Andrea adds: We would make a great shopping team … wow! $700 in an hour!!! My kinda shopping! Hope those moles don’t cause any probs in the future … please let me know how you get on!!! Promise!!!???


    1. Tanya Kitto says:

      hey Andrea, had a good run at the doc’s. The moles weren’t any problem, I just wanted them removed so they didn’t have the chance to become a problem, am a bit sore tonight & wondering if I should have gone through with it….lol oh & I’d love to go shopping with you one day…..
      Andrea adds: So glad to hear that … thanks for letting me know! You never know … we might get to see each other one day!!! Hugs xxx


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