Snow Swirled – Vellum Tree

Hi everyone!

Now that I have broken open my Parisian Breeze Specialty DSP … I can’t resist using them. This is such a gorgeous colour combination … and one that is impossible to “stuff up” … that my hands keep reaching for them. Anything I have made with these yummy papers has turned out beautifully! So … if you are keen on these papers … you will need to ORDER today!!! The Spring Mini is disappearing on Monday … and these papers certainly won’t be offered again.

I love this sweet stamp set, too!!! It is just perfect for embossing … which is what I have done with the Vellum Tree. The snowflakes make a fool proof background on the white card. Two things that I have done on this card I had spotted when I was doing some “blog hopping” a little while ago. The first is the embossed Snow Swirled Tree … done on vellum cardstock with white embossing powder and then carefully trimmed around with snips … and the second is the scallop edges on the phrase … isn’t this just lovely! And … makes a rectangle phrase embellishment so much more interesting!!!

So … I wanted to apologise to all my blog friends! I just have had noooooo time (seriously) in the last few weeks to do ANY blurfing … but I am really hanging out to visit you all. Thanks to those who have continued to visit … and especially to those who have taken the time to say hi! I really do appreciate your encouragement … and I will do some blog hopping as soon as I am able! Still playing catch up … and until after the funeral on Monday (which in itself will eat a big hole in my newsletter prep time) … I will probably still be doing that for the next few days!!! So much to do … so little time!!! 😉 Oh … and to top off what has been a challenging week … my son-in-law’s uncle died yesterday after a long illness. So … whilst I didn’t know him … poor Jono & Stacey are dealing with a 3rd death in 2 weeks. Certainly makes you think, doesn’t it! ❓

C U Soon …


  1. Lynda says:

    Great card and way to load up the techniques..LOL!! Had a brainwave too…..stop chuckling….if the scalloped sentiment were longer (on a far less decorative card) and 2 sets of small v’s were clipped a short distance b4 either end and ribbon wound around…would it not resemble a bon-bon?? Just a thought…..may have to have a small play!!!

    As for ur friends….does not he definition encompass support, love, patience, tolerance etc…all wrapped up in a 2 way street?? Therefore my darling Andrea….no apology necessary…at least fm where I stand. ooxx

    Andrea adds: Well, Lynda! You might just have to try that idea and send me a pic!!! Sounds rather special!!! And … thanks for understanding so kindly about not visiting your blog lately … oh … hang on … YOU DON’T HAVE A BLOG!!! LOL!!! But … thanks anyway … for understanding!!! 😀 😉 xxx PS … I am still chucking (sorry!!!)


    1. Lynda says:

      Still…so v v glad I can make you chuckle. It’s a great tonic for what ails you!! As for the blog jibe…I wish they had an emotocon for sticking ur tongue out, blowing a fat ‘ol rasberry whilst sticking ur hands out the side of ur head na-na style…cause that’s what I’m doin’ now….LOL!!!
      Andrea adds: I think I need to give you a hug! xxx 😀


  2. Robyn says:

    Have faved both those great ideas! TFS!
    btw would like to send a card to Tim’s family. If you think that would be appropriate could you email me an address where I can contact them? (either theirs or yours)
    Andrea adds: That is so thoughtful Robyn … I will email you with their address. Thanks! xxx


  3. Tanya Kitto says:

    hey Andrea, love your card, that embossed tree is just wonderful, I don’t have that set but it is lurvly 🙂 No need to appologise, life is just far too busy at times, but it will settle down, just when you think there is no end, you will get the relief you really do need 🙂 Please know I am thinking of you & you are in my prayers atm wishing you safety, happiness & well wishes. Take care of you the best way you can.
    I had to have a little LOL when i read you were still chucking……..then I reread Lynda’s comment & then reread yours….chuckling, so that made me chuckle…..the love goes round & round 🙂
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: LOL … now chuckling at the Hig Hugs!!! Thanks for that … I think!!! 😀 Yes … am waiting for life to settle down a little … have just been to my sis’ site … and she had done some gorgeous Chrissy Cards. Am a little envious that she has had the time to do such lovely creations! But … I will get there! Thanks for your love and concern! xxx


    1. Tanya Kitto says:

      LOL serves me right for being cheeky 😛 Am heading to your sister’s blog now to check out the lovely creations 🙂 At least you were chuckling not chucking… 😛 😛 😛
      Big Hugs this time
      Tan xox
      Andrea adds: Thanks for giving me another smile … and first thing in the morning too! Good way to start the day! Busy day ahead … but it will be nice to get everything organised for my catty launch tomorrow night! Hope all is good in your world! xxx 😀


    2. chrissieah says:

      Have spent a couple of quiet Sunday afternoons getting the latest cards done. I think I have enough now! Though I really would like to get some gift tags done too!
      Andrea adds: Yes … gift tags are something I wanna get done ASAP!!! Ree is ready to wrap gifts … so I do need to get some done. Glad you had a chance to have some quiet days … seems that is something totally foreign to us at the moment! xx


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