Another Christmas Hand Mailed

Hello everyone!

I am looking forward to a day of getting organised for my catty launch. I do have all my projects & samples done … but need to get packs cut and promos organised. So … it will be nice … at the end of today (unless something else unforseen happens to derail the process) to feel a little more on top of things! But … before I toddle off to do that … I did promise to show you another “Hand Mailed” Chrissy card. You may remember that Lee-Anne sent me several of these stamped images when I was being very envious of her recent stamp purchase!!! (Big hug to Lee-Anne!!! 😀 ) I enjoyed playing with these … and am itching to do a few more! Just need to get past tomorrow night … and then I will be free to do some “me stamping”!!! (“Me stamping” … an official Andrea term for — stamping just for ME!!! 😉 ) So … here is the promised card …

The FAB “Bella Rose” DSP was my starting point for the colour combo. Sometimes you can look at an image when you have limited colours to use for watercolouring and wonder how it will work??? But I find … the best way to handle this is to choose some colours that are similar but just different “depths” of the same colour. So … the paper had Riding Hood Red & Pink Pirouette in it … and I added some Pretty in Pink & Regal Rose … and used the paler colours as the fill colours and the deeper ones as the highlights & shading. I hope that helps with your watercolouring colour choices. Sometimes you just don’t want to add too many colours that aren’t in your original colour theme and I find this works really well. The Kiwi Kiss was just painted very softly and then I added more of the Kiwi ink to do the highlights. (Old Olive just seemed a little heavy for this card … but probably would have worked quite well with the Kiw, too!)

I found this layout on a lovely blog “”. If you are stuck for layout ideas … just go to your favourite blog … and copy the layout of a card you find there. You might use totally different images, colours & embellishments … but taking a sketch idea from a card is a great way to get started. So … I hope I have helped your “mojo” today … with all these ideas!!! Get your stamps out and do some stamping! And … if you don’t have a blog … send me a pic and I will highlight it here!

Better stop procrastinating … C U tomorrow!


  1. Carol Jeffery says:

    Love what you have done with the watercolour technique Andrea… very pretty!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Carol … I enjoy doing watercolouring … and it really is quite simple. Thanks so much for visiting! xxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Can u do some “me” stamping for me too please Andrea?? PULLEEEAASSSEEE??? Once again u have done such a beautiful job on this card. You can really go wrong with this image can u?? Ta for the tips on the DSP as a starting point and go fm there….gone in the memory bank!! Lurve the Bella Rose DSP (even with the pink bits… 😉 ) and as I only have 1 pkt, I use it sparingly…LOL!! Great card and fingers crossed for a v v productive day for you. Good LUCK. ooxx
    Andrea adds: I did have quite a productive day … until I had to take Skye to her singing lesson … followed by her rehearsal … left home at 5.30pm … and the rehearsal finished at 9.30pm (too far to drive home and back again – waste of time and petrol) … and so I usually sit at the beach reading (or doing computer work on my laptop)while she is at rehearsals. I always move from the beach to park outside the theatre after dark … and cos it was quite bright with street lights and it was raining I didn’t notice that I hadn’t turned off my car lights. Yep! An hour later … and 1 flat battery. So … there I was at 9.45pm waiting for the NRMA to come and rescue me!!! I was glad to get home and get into bed!!! I had had quite enough by then! 😉


    1. Lynda says:

      DOH!!! Stick a Post it to the steering wheel next time. U poor thing. I’m amazed it was only “enough’ that you had had ;). I perhaps wld not have been so polite abt the situation…LOL!! Good news…it can only get better fm here!!
      Andrea adds: (Smiling) 🙂 DOH!!! is exactly the right word … that is exactly how I felt … totally stupid!!! 😉 Thanks for the smile for the day! xxx


  3. Tanya Kitto says:

    hiya Andrea, LOVE your card, this image is just gorgeous & your watercolouring is wonderful 😉
    I hope your launch night goes well tonight (Wed)
    Take care of you hunny 🙂
    Hugs Tan xox
    Andrea adds: Trying hard to take care … just keep losing the plot!!! 😉 😀


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