Bizzy Becs #4 – Christmas Gift Sack

Hi to all my blog friends!

It is Saturday … and all 3 boys are out at the Sydney V8 Car races (early Chrissy pressie) … gone ALLLLLL day …. and I am sooooo looking forward to a nice day at home with the girls. Skye’s all day rehearsal has been put off until tomorrow (some clash) … but she has school work to catch up on. (Her full week – 14 hrs rehearsals / week means there is always school work to catch up on … even when school is almost over for the year!) Sheree is taking grandma shopping to buy all the grandsons’ Christmas pressies this morning … then … we are going to decorate the tree … wrap Chrissy pressies … write Chrissy cards … watch Chrissy movies. Doesn’t that sound like a lovely day. The only thing missing is the snow!!! 😀 NO … not really … here in OZ … our Christmas is always sunshiny summery … and usually really stinking hot!!!

Anyway … before I get distracted with all that fun stuff … would you like to see what I made last night???

Don't forget - click on pic if you would like to see an enlargement!

This was created especially for the latest Bizzy Becs challenge … and I had lotsa fun! The challenge was “Make something for Christmas … Include snowflakes and lots of sparkle/glitter”. Alot of the samples on the Bizzy Becs blog had lovely snowflake embellishments … but I couldn’t find my left overs from last year (I think I need to clean up my shelves a little) … so had to make my own stamped snowflakes. I also made the most of the snowflakes on the DSP I used by adding some Chunky Sprinkles with Crystal Effects. It’s just a shame the sparkle doesn’t always show up so well in the photos. But … I was quite pleased with the final result … and I am hoping to create some more gift bags today. It’s always nice to have these under the tree … makes for a very pretty picture! (I will show you once the tree is finished!!!)

So … you can see that I have used some of the border stickers and bauble stickers PLUS the sensational DSP from the “I Wish” Stampin’ Up! Scrapping Kit. This kit is CHOCKA BLOCK full of textured card/stickers/DSP and I am planning to make some lovely Chrissy gift tags … some more Chrissy Gift Sacks … and finish my Chrissy cards using more of the supplies from this kit. So … scrap kits are not just for scrapbooking!!! They are such a great way to coordinate a number of projects and … so quick and easy (especially with those yummy stickers & tags!) You just need to think outside the square a little! 😀

Hope you enjoyed seeing my latest creation … off to do some more … And … I will try and remember to show you my Christmas Tree once all the gift bags are made … pressies wrapped … and all are under the tree! Have a  happy day!

Added: DEC 6 – As promised … here is my gift bag under my tree. (Not all my pressies are wrapped yet … so it is still looking a little bare!) Check today’s post for pics of the extra 4 Gift Sacks that I created using the “I Wish” Simply Scrappin’ Kit.


  1. Lynda says:

    Truly beautiful and inspiring Andrea. A winner I’ll wager!! You can see all the effort you have put into the bag. I’ll bet it’ll hold a treasure trove for the recipient too!!! I hope Skye is holding up OK with all the to-ing and fro-ing of the thesbian lifestyle. I know fm experience it is v v hard to juggle shows and reality!! Post adrenaline crash is a real cow too.. 😉 . The boys’ll come back testosterone charged and grunting no doubt (monosyllabic sounds only u’stood by fellow males!!) but I hope you have relished the chance wisely and taken some speccy time for you!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: I hope you realise how much I look forward to finding your comments on my blog. Sometimes comments are few and far between (from others) … but there is always one sitting waiting for me from Lynda! (I don’t know how some bloggers get 20 comments on one post???) But … I keep plodding along. Your comments are always so amusing and always bring a smile to my face. I am still convinced that you need to write a book! 😀 Thanks Lynda for your constant friendship … “constant” being the key word! Until next time … xxxxxx


    1. Lynda says:

      Ur more than welcome darl. Ur efforts shd be rewarded with support and admiration…..and the odd chuckle!! 😉
      Andrea adds: Chuckle! 😛


  2. Abby says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE your gift bag….especially the ornament! Thanks so much for joining us at Creatilicious!

    Andrea adds: Thanks Abby! I had fun playing along! xxx


  3. Cheryl says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Andrea,your DP and design are fabulous and your attention to detail just perfect!!! Thanks for joining us at Creatalicious.
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your encouragement, Cheryl. I enjoyed creating this one so much … that I made another 4!!! (Will share them here soon!)


  4. Sharnae.S says:

    Hey i am not sure if you got my last comment my internet has been mucking up (Constant Issue) If you didn’t i had met Skye at Seussical Rehersals and I had to check her lastname on the cast list so i searched her name in google and found your Site. I love scrap booking and all that stuff and aren’t very good at it. I want to know how can it be made simple so i would looove to know some simple card recipes.
    Andrea adds: Hi Sharnae. Yes! I did get your email … but it has been a bit mad around here … with all the end of year stuff … and also dealing with the death of two close friends … but … I am starting to get back on top of things. I will send a catalogue with Skye to rehearsals soon … and some other stuff for you to look at. I’m not planning any classes until February … but you can do a search on my blog for “techniques” and that will give you a heap of posts with ideas and ways to use stamps. And … it is just a matter of gradually building up supplies. Feel free to email me with any questions …


  5. Bec says:

    this is gorgeous,love your papers and design.. Thanks for joining us at Creatalicious
    Andrea adds: It was a lot of fun! I enjoyed this challenge! Thanks for popping by to check it out! xxx


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