I had a moment!!!


Hi girls!

I just had a momentous occasion and had to stop and share it with you all!!! Now … I know … you are going to think “whatever” … or “why on earth would you bother blogging about this” … but it WAS a moment!!! Ok!!!??? My email inbox IS EMPTY!!!!!!!!!!! Yes … that means I have either replied to all that I needed to reply to … OR … followed up with all I needed to follow up with … OR … filed others to their appropriate files … and MY INBOX IS EMPTY!!! Da Daaaaah!!!

So … even though … I’m sure within an hour there will be something else there … (especially seeing it is school  newsletter day) … just for this moment I am celebrating!!!

Now I am off to do the LAST SCHOOL NEWSLETTER OF THE YEAR … (no more until Feb 1)!!!! Yippeeeeee!!! I am sorry if you were waiting for a “fair dinkum” post … but after spending 2 hours (no exaggeration) trying to fix stupid computer probs … I am really behind … and with a Fair Committee Meeting tonight … I need to get organised. I will try and get back later if there is time … but please don’t hold your breath!!!


But … just to keep you happy … here are some more of my Christmas Gift Sacks that I had fun creating on Saturday. They are all basically made with the “I Wish” Simply Scrappin’ Kit. I also made some quick gift tags … and will use more of the kit to do some more Chrissy cards asap!!! One kit can create an endless number of projects. Next year I will try and remind you of that alot earlier!!! 😉 I have to acknowledge that some of these ideas came from SCS – a mini album project using the “I Wish” Simply Scrappin’ Kit – by “mtech”.

Now … I haven’t done card recipes … just no time yet … sorry! 🙄 But … if you would like specific details … just leave a comment … and I will try to get a recipe done for you!

Man! That took me such a long time to upload all those pics!!! And … This is an awfully long post for someone who was in a hurry! So … after all that effort … I hope you enjoy them all??? Please post a comment. I have been a bit lonely lately … YooooHoooo… is there anybody out there in blog land ??? (Apart from sweet Lynda who always gives me a daily  comment!) A little comment for all those pics??? Not too much to ask … is it??? LOL! 😀 😀 😀 😉 Perhaps you could tell me which is your favourite gift sack … don’t forget No. 1 was posted yesterday … and this post has No. 2 – 5! I would love to hear from you!!! Pretty Please! xxx

Hope you have a lovely day! It is hot hot hot here!!!


  1. Regina says:

    hi Andrea

    wow, these are fantastic! A lovely use of this great Christmas kit!
    Love all projects but the first one is my favorite.

    hugs Regina
    Andrea adds: LOL! Thanks for letting me know, Regina! It is so nice to have you pop by again! I will do the same for you asap!!! xxx


  2. Robyn says:

    How could I resist commenting after all those “pretty pleases”!! Hi Andrea! You are not alone in blogland! My fave is # 4!
    Andrea adds: LOL … thanks Robyn … good to be reminded … will pop by your blog asap!!! Hugs, Andrea xxx


  3. Lynda says:

    If u cld see me….I’m standing and applauding the monumental achievement of clearing ur inbox. I imagine u r standinf hands on hips, feet apart looking off into the distance with an unseen wind machine gently tousling ur hair and blowing the cape out fm your shoulders!! 😉 My wish is that the delightful bags you have made do not suffer the “OMG-what-is-inside-the-bag” syndrome and get tattered and left behind!! All of them are totally kick butt and shd be heralded as a magical and talented achievement!! Well done darl!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: Definitely have you totally hoodwinked … wonder woman strikes again!!! If only you really knew what goes on!!! But … thanks for the vote of confidence in such an imaginative way! I did make me giggle out loud!!! 😀


    1. Lynda says:

      I am taking a sneaky look at wk….I have discovered an internet connection!! Woo Hoo!!! Glad I made you have a giggle…the visual in my mind did too!!! ooxx
      Andrea adds: SSSsssshhhh … your secret is safe with me …. and all my blogging friends!!! xxx 😀 😉


  4. Tanya Kitto says:

    hey sweetness 🙂 So you have been a busy girl. I love your gift sacks, they are such a wonderful way to give a gift & you have decorated them oh so beautifully 😀
    I would have to say I love them all can’t pick a fave 😉
    Sorry I have been missing for a bit …again!! life is just so crazy & harvest is just taking WAY TOOOOO LONG 😦 Take care of you hunny
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: You poor baby … seems that harvesting has been going on for months now!!! You must be totally exhausted! I hope it is all done soon. Thanks for popping by in the middle of your busy-ness! I hope you are still finding time to do some fun stuff … like stamping??? Lotsa hugs xxx


  5. Tanya Kitto says:

    Oh & I did mean to say congrats on having an empty inbox…..something I can dream of 😛
    hugs, T xox
    Andrea adds: Yes! I am VERY PROUD of that achievement! xxx


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