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Hello everyone!

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I just wanted to remind you that our Inventory Clearance Sale is still running … and there are some GREAT BARGAINS happening! Some stamp sets are reduced by 50%!!! And … if you have been wanting an Alphabet stamp set for your scrap booking … then now is the time to buy … with 3 different sets reduced from $77.95 to $38.98!!! I must admit … I have often thought about the “Life Definitions” set which is normally $90.95 … but is now on special for $68.91! Not sure I can pass that one up!!! 😀 It is full of lovely sayings! And … I am going to make sure I get some of the ribbons that are on special too!!! Oh … and truly … you will want the Chunky Sprinkles at this price … they are just FAB! (I already have 3 packs – I bought them when they first were available in a mini catty – just in case they didn’t make it to the IB&C!!! – I think that will keep me going for a while!) And … I really wanted to highlight the “Warm Words” set … an absolute MUST!!! 😀 It was one of my very first stamp sets … and I have used these gorgeous little words over and over again! This set is a STEAL at 30% off ($29.95). So … make sure you email me with your orders BEFORE JAN 24TH!!! Take advantage of these great prices.

Well … time for a card! 😀 I decided to buy a stamp set recently that has been around for a while … and I have been tempted for a long time … but kept resisting. I just fancied something a little different … and this set is quite “formal” & “elegant”. And … I must admit … very easy to use! So … I have already made 3 cards using this set … and am planning some more! Here is the first …

Isn’t this a lovely colour combo … and yes … don’t faint … but I have used the “loathsome” Pacific Point. And … it actually looks FAB … don’t you think??? I also bought the “En Francais” background particularly to go with this stamp set … and it does team PERFECTLY … doesn’t it??? This design was a Pink Elephant challenge (#46) … I just changed it to be a square layout instead of a rectangle card. 

You can see that I have stamped the image twice … and cut around the “H”  … added some gorgeously sparkly blue supernova glitter and layered this on top with dimensionals. I am really thrilled with the result! (Not so thrilled with the photo … cos it is a little dark!) The rhinestones have been taken out of the brads (just open the clips on the back of the brads … and remove rhinestone) … and I have stuck these on with mini glue dots!

Gav & I were “kidless” for a few hours last night (NOT A COMMON OCCURRENCE AT OUR HOUSE! 😀 ) Sandy had a sleepover at a friend’s place … Skye had a rehearsal … Sheree & Shane are down the coast at the beach mission … so Gav & I decided to pop out to the movies with some friends (whose two boys were sleeping over at their grandparent’s place).

We had a lovely time … dropped Skye down at Shellharbour Village and grabbed burgers/fish for dinner … then went and saw “Sherlock Holmes” … and back to Shellharbour Village for coffee to wait for Skye. It even stormed (as in major thunder/lightening/rain) while we were sitting on the verandah of the coffee shop looking down the street to the beach. Perfect!!! It was a lovely evening … and I think we just really enjoyed getting out together with friends! The movie was actually not one I wanted to see … and was definitely a bit more violent than I was expecting (lots of fist fighting – and I DO NOT LIKE punch ups!) … but Holmes & Watson were just cast so well … and the story was very clever … so … I actually was surprised to find I quite enjoyed the movie!  I did “jump” a few times (I don’t handle suspense very well!!!) … but I came out thinking … yep … would recommend the movie to others … and I will definitely be seeing the sequel!!! (I’m sure there will be one … but I won’t spoil the ending!!! 😉 )

Sorry to have rabbited on so long … I’m sure you are all yawning with boredom by now! 😉 But … I am just making up for when I will be away on hols. (2 weeks from Jan 16 – Jan 31). I am planning some scheduled posts (I hope) … but there won’t be any chit chat! So … you can just grin and bear it in the meantime … ok??? 😀 Anyway … I am off to my sis’ for the day! Might take some stamping … and we can sit & just chillax for a while! Sounds nice … doesn’t it! C U all soon!


  1. Lynda says:

    U have summed it up v v well….elegant and formal. It looks so v v beautiful…and the dark pic adds to the mood!! Pac Point is the only In Colour I do not have…I find it a little strong…but it wks v v well in this instance.
    I am also considering Life Definitions…but I have sooo many now…it’s a tough call. So sad to lnow u’ll be away for 2 weeks :(…..I’ll still be here tho. Say hi to Christine for me. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Glad to have an ally with Pacific Point! Just something about it … that really doesn’t work for me! But … I do try … and sometimes it actually works out ok!!! Will say hi to Christine! (And … I am hoping to do some posts for while I am away … but probably won’t have enough projects for every day! We shall see … 😉


  2. chrissieah says:

    I just love this card – and you know me – Pacific Point is a cool colour – just because it’s blue!! Thanks for spending some time stamping with me yesterday! It was fun and it was nice to have company this week with the kids away and Ian at work!!
    Andrea adds: I enjoyed it too … and it meant I finally got around to starting that calendar … which means that now I am keen to finish it! Can then cross it off my “to do” list! (once it is finished, of course!) Did you notice … Lynda said to say hi!!! 😀


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