Seussical Opening Night

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Can I have a proud mum moment!????? ……

We had such a great time at Skye’s opening night last night! The Roo Theatre was packed out … and it was so exciting for Skye to be involved in such a fun and colourful pantomime as her first musical theatre perfomance outside of school. Gav wants to go again tonight!!! LOL! (We do have tickets for closing night!)

I know … I know … we are rather biased parents … but it was such a thrill to see Skye enjoying herself so much. The whole cast did a fantastic job … and even though there was a slight “mal-function” with Skye’s mic (no sound!!!) in the opening number … by her second appearance on the stage … all was ok! The Cat … now … he was HILARIOUS – with fantastic energy and such expression! We were absolutely amazed at the quality of the voices … particularly for a cast of such young actors! Horton the Elephant was so adorable … and had a wonderful voice. Jojo was so confident and had a lovely young voice. Mayzie La Bird … such a professional … with a strong quality to her singing. But … to be honest … (or more accurately … to be totally biased) Gertrude McFuzz was such a shy, sweet, compassionate and huggable character … with a slightly husky but gorgeous tone to her voice! (Only her parents & the director & vocal coach knew that she was suffering from a cold!) And … our hearts ached for her when she was trying to get Horton’s attention in “Notice me Horton”!

We thoroughly enjoyed the energy, fun, colour & the lively and professional performances of THE WHOLE CAST!!! And … we can’t wait to see it all again! Skye’s grandma heard a “review” on the local ABC radio this morning … and they commented on the professional standard of the young voices! So … I guess I am biased … but I thought it all was FANTASTIC!!! And … such a thrill to see Skye so happy and excited! She loved every minute of it!

I am sure there are still tickets on sale at the door … if you would like to see Seussical. Take the kids … they will love it!


  1. It sounds like you have every reason to be a proud mum – don’t apologise – ENJOY IT!!!! Good luck to the cast for the rest of the shows – though doesn’t sound like they need it!!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Debbie … I will enjoy. I have seen the show twice now … but have tickets to 2 more shows … I am taking my mum & dad tomorrow … and then OF COURSE … closing night! She is having so much fun. xxx


  2. congrats to Skye .. and of course your more than entitled to a proud mummy (and daddy) moment! Sounds like a great night out and hope she’s all over her cold.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Leonie! It is nice to share these moments with my friends! Skye is still struggling with the cold … but is being a real trooper and soldiering on! xxx


  3. Lynda says:

    Oh Andrea…I am so v v elated that it was a fantastic Opening Night…..bubble and boast away my dear. She will only go fm strength to strength with each performance and you will notice a massive change in her by final night!! Please pass on my sincere and heartfelt congrats to her. Onwards and upwards my dear…..boasting Mummy….AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! LOL!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! You are such a hunny, thanks Lynda! Will pass on the congrats … and I am sure you are right … by closing night we will be blown away! xxx


  4. Lisa Rule says:


    You have every right to be proud, skye was fantastic!! I am Anthonys mum (horton) and I am also proud as it was his first musical also. All the cast was brilliant and I went 3 times to see the show (groupie!).

    Andrea adds: So nice of you to take the time to visit and say hi, Lisa! Skye is really missing everyone from the show. And … she often commented to me how nice Anthony was! My hubby and I (and everyone of the 60 or so friends and family that saw the show) raved about Anthony. He has such a lovely voice and wonderful talent. Everyone thought he did a fantastic job and had great expression and feeling. He was perfect for the part of Horton and Skye loved working with him. We are just back from holidays, so I am just starting to reply to messages! Thanks again, Andrea


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