Never Ending Card

Hello Everyone!

I have a busy day today! My house guests all arrived back from Merry Beach on Saturday … 1 went home on Sunday … 1 went to my sis’ … but I still have 3 here!!! And … I also have my sis, Louise (from Q’ld) … her friend, Donya … my other groupie sis, Christine … and stamping friend, Catherine … coming for a stamping play date today! So … gotta keep moving … so … again … here is something quick!

My lovely upline Ness recently made a Neverending Card and displayed it on her blog … so I am borrowing the idea from her! (I even noticed that I used the same Kaleidoscope DSP … although that wasn’t intentional! :D) But … I guess … you can’t improve on perfection! 😀

So … the special thing about this card??? You keep folding over and over … in different directions … and each time you get a different view!!! There are 4 views in all …

So … I haven’t done a card recipe for this one … just a little tricky with all the separate pieces … but I think you can use the template … and then just decorate yours as you choose!

And … I guess now … you will want to know how to find the template??? Here is the link for the FABULOUS INSTRUCTIONS! -> Time For Crafting.  Oh … I have just tried to access this template again … but can’t get the link to work. I am wondering if they are wanting VIP sign up now??? I will try again … and let you know if I have success! ?????? So sorry!!! 😦  I will try and work out my own template … if I can’t get the link to work … asap! The stamp sets I have used are “For Everything”, “On Your Birthday” & “Family Phrases”). Inks all match the DSP. Main card colour is Gable Green.

Gotta fly … still have to cut my cardstock for today’s projects!!! Yikes!!! 😯

Added Later: I have had a few enquiries about this card … so I went for a search … and found a great video tutorial by Dawn. (I love her tutes … always fun!) This card looks larger than mine … so it is probably easier to work with! Hope it is a help!  Never Ending Card with Dawn


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  1. Lynda says:

    Too beautiful Andrea!! I also took a squizz at Ness’ card too. They are beautiful and a great idea for those who think they have received everything!!! The bright effervescent colours made me smile. U have done a great job. BTW…clicked on the “Time for Crafting” link and it comes up ‘page can not be found’.
    Hope the merriment of all your freinds and your ‘playdate’ went well. perhaps a couple more posts fm that then huh?? ooxx
    Andrea adds: Ooooh Yes! Lots to share … 3 guest projects (I will post today) … and then 5 more that I had prepared. (One I have already shown you – the bunny chocolate gift) …. but the rest I will show you over the next few days! xxx PS Will try and get back to do that template asap!


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