Leonie’s Team Training

Hello again!

Just popping back quickly to add a few photos from Leonie S’s team training day … that I went to last Friday. Onie (Leonie S) was doing a “tool technique” day … and so we got to practice using our new Circle Scissors on each of the projects that we worked on! Pepps (Leonie N) kindly drove us to Campbelltown … and I had as much of a giggle in the car … as I did at the stamping day! It was lotsa fun!

So … here are the three projects that we completed … and on each we did some circle cutting. Now … I’ve gotta say … it would be very tempting to get a bit frustrated using the Circle Scissors … but PLEASE PLEASE persevere!!! It really is just a matter of getting the “FEEL” for the cutting. The secret is to press hard enough to cut … but NOT TOO HARD … and just let the blade “glide” around. Seriously … after a little practice this really is the easiest circle cutter that I have used! (My old one probably will never see the light of day… ever again!!!) 😉 And … using the circle scissor means you can position your circle wherever you like … for eg … the hole in the chockies pack could have been punched with a circle punch EXCEPT it just would not reach that far!

Anyway, it was a fab day … and we also got to see some of the projects that Onie has been working on lately. I have included a gorgeous little gift card holder & cards below using the gorgeous Sale-A-Bration “Happy Moments” stamp set …

Click on the pics if you would like to see them enlarged! Oh … and don’t forget to scroll down to view today’s card post … a nice sympathy card idea!



  1. Lynda says:

    I am still procrastinating as to whether to get a CS or not. I don’t use that many circles…but I guess having it wld encourage me to do so…LOL!!!!I am off to a SAB thing soon (hopefully) and I can have a play with these fun sets….yipee. Congrats to both the Leonie’s on great efforts. Glad a fun day was had by all. ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! Perhaps you should wait until the Big Shot comes … and then buy some circle dies??? Just a suggestion??? Have fun at your sale-a-bration event. Who is the demonstrator doing the workshop??? Hugs, Andrea xxx


  2. Team days are soooo much fun – and it looks like you guys got a LOT done too – what a day you must have had …
    Andrea adds: Yes! The stamping was great … but the friendship time was just the best! xxx


  3. Regina says:

    what wonderful projects! The cards with the “Happy Moments” stamp set are so lovely!
    I have the BigShot and and would also not give up the Spellbinders. I love them!

    Have a nice day and sweet greetings
    Andrea adds: I’m not familiar with Spellbinders … do you use them with the Big Shot? Or is it a different die cutter? I can’t wait to put my order in! Hugs xx


    1. Regina says:

      Andrea, I have only the BigShot and I use the Nestie, SU and Cuttlebug Folder. With the Nestie, you can also easily cut fabric. There are so many possibilities.
      You’ll have fun!
      Andrea adds: Ooooh … I think fabric might be a bit scary!!! But … I’m sure I will give it a go! Hugs xx


  4. Oh my look at that photo … couldnt you make me smaller?? haha

    It was a great day hey? and youre right the friendship is just the hugest bonus within our SU community! I suppose I should get this set up on my blog today as I’ve been meaning to do it for about 2 weeks now!!

    Need to source somewhere that makes square envies and not ones that arent cut straight like the last lot I got!

    Andrea adds: The photo is lovely! Don’t know what you are talking about!!! 😀 Let me know if you find those envelopes! I avoid square cards because I don’t have the envelopes … but would like to do them! Have a lovely day! xxx


  5. Leonie N says:

    hahahahaha will you look at those cuties hahahaha
    NO not the cards … the 2 Leonie’s hahahahaha
    the cards are beautiful as well 🙂
    what a great day we had !!!!! I enjoyed the class BUT the giggles & the friendship was just the bestest medicine really brightened up my day. THANKS SO MUCH girlies xxxxxxx
    Andrea adds: Yep! Was a fun time … and I think the 2 Leonies look lovely! xxx


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