Busy! Busy! Busy!


Hello my friends!

I am busy organising a mini scrap album for my mum & dad’s 50th anniversary! The hardest thing is to source the photos that I need … but it is going to be a super FAST project … because their anniversary is on May 7!!! 😯 Why … oh why … didn’t I think of this earlier??? I am going to be in a complete muddle for the next month … trying to get this project finished on time as well as get my Holiday play day … my  Friday night stamp club … and my Saturday arvo mthly class organised!! Oh dear!!! 🙄 So … I know you will all understand if I am MIA a bit over the next few weeks!!! ??? 😦    But … please check back to see if I have managed to leave something for you! xxx



  1. mona99 says:

    I am sure that you will make a wonderful mini scrap album for your parents. Just know that whatever you make will be appreciated, because it is made from the heart.
    Andrea adds: Thanks for your encouragement, Monica! I am sure you are right!!! xxx


  2. Sonia G says:

    Hey Andrea,
    I can understand your busy-ness. I am sorry for not being around much recently, but I guess you’ll be reciprocating that now! LOL.
    I bet your parents will be super happy with your scrapbook.
    Look forward to when life settles back down again for you.
    Andrea adds: Oh … can I actually look forward to that??? (as in … life settling back down???) I just thought this would be me for the rest of my life! 😉 So … thanks for the “heads up”! I feel so much better! Hugs, Andrea xxx


  3. chrissieah says:

    Will try and get Carrie to help me with photos today!! Wish I could be the one to help you put the album together- would be fun. Maybe next week if my back is better??
    Andrea adds: Yes … perhaps we can do a day next week? That would be great to get a start on it! Thanks sis! Hope your back is improving! xxx


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