Gift Tags Galore!

Hello everyone!

Sorry … I got in a bit of a muddle with my last post. Did you realise you got a bonus post yesterday? I was preparing the 2nd post for today … when I suddenly realised that the deadline had passed … so I wanted to get it published straight away! So … I forgot to change the details about Sandy’s birthday party! So … you are all probably confused now … cos I went back and edited it AFTER some of my kind blog friends commented!!! So … just for the record …  it is now FRIDAY … and Sandy’s party is this afternoon!!! ROFL 😉

My In-Laws have just arrived in Vanuatu to visit my hubby’s sister & family. They are in Vila for 4 years as missionaries from our church. I was EXTREMELY organised … and bought all the birthday presents … Christmas pressies … and some little gifts as “encouragement” gifts for later on this year … and sent them all over with M&D in-law. So … Tuesday night … I was madly creating gift tags for all these gifts!!! It was a bit of a marathon … wrapping & gift tag making … but I was very happy to send them all off because postage is astronomical to send parcels to Vanuatu! Good job done! 😀 

So … all the details for each of these tags are in the BIG card recipe below. Don’t forget you can click on the recipe to enlarge for better detail. And … you can print these recipes out for reference if you like! (I would love to know if anyone actually does this … because it does take a little while to prepare the recipes … and it would be nice to think that they are helpful.)

The first “Razzleberry” Tag is a CASE from “bekkaberry” from SCS (10 May 2009) – “Wish Big Tag”.

The 2nd is inspired by a card on page 43 of our IB&C! (This is such a FAB resource for ideas!)

Ok … now I am off to get Sandy’s party organised … have done my baking … just need to set up and get the food warming! All those little boys means … big hungry tummies!!! 😀 Tomorrow my sis, Christine, is coming over to help me get started on the album for my mum & dad! I have spent this week scanning & printing photos … ordering supplies etc. So … now all is ready to get started! We are going to have a fun day … but there will be lots to do. So … you may not see me for the next couple of days! I hope I have given you enough this week to keep you occupied! 😀

I will be back as soon as possible! Hope you get a chance to stamp this weekend! Stampin’ Hugs xxx




  1. Trish says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Just reading your latest and I for one love the recipes. I have just printed out the latest ones to keep as I need all the inspiration I can get. Thanks for the package today as well – just about to pull it out of the box now!!!
    Andrea adds: Hope you had fun today playing with your new SU! goodies, Trish! So glad they arrived before the end of the hols. Thanks for commenting about the recipes! Even if it is only for 1 person … I am happy to do them! 😀 It’s just nice to know that they are helpful! I know that Julie (Jono’s mum – who you met last week) told me that she prints them out! So … thanks for the “yes” vote!!!


  2. simone says:

    Wow! You have been busy! Love these tags, I’m sure they will be much appreciated. Inspiring as always. 🙂 Hope the party goes (went) well.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Simone! Lovely to see you! The party was a great success! Thanks for your kind words! xxx


  3. FABULOUS Andrea!!! Good luck with the party and I know the album for your mum and dad will be a work of art they will treasure!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the encouragement Debbie! At the moment it seems a very daunting task … considering how little time I have … but once I get into it I’m sure it will be fine! Hugs, Andrea xxx


  4. Sonia G says:

    Wow! One year long job done! That should give you a bit more time for stamping, since they are out of the way. LOL!
    Love your different tags and I bet the recipients will be dying to unwrap their gifts.
    Andrea adds: Yes! That is such a positive way to look at it Sonia! Yay! Stamping here I come!!! 😉 After … that long “to do” list that is still waiting! xxx


  5. Donna Zammit says:

    WOW, Andrea, Oh to be soooo organized with gifts, tags, cards etc for the relo’s – I wish! I’m sure they’ll love them as much as I liked drooling over them – well not literally! FOTFL.
    I hope the boys have/had a “sick” time. My DD9 tells me this means awesome!
    As for your recipe cards, they are a fantasmagorical idea. IF I had a blog I would love to borrow your idea & do something similar. I do have a confession though…I only recently found out how to read them, & only b/c you had written in one of your posts to click on them to enlarge them….I mean der! How dumb am I? Don’t answer that I already know the answer. LOL TFS Have a great weekend Donna
    Andrea adds: LOL! Don’t worry … Donna … I have “DUH” momments all the time! Perhaps “der” moments are a little more distressing … 😀 😉 ROFL!!! In my signature I have written to click on recipe to enlarge … but maybe I need to ENLARGE the message!!!??? 🙄 The boys did have a “sick” time! And … I guess if they don’t want to go home then that is a good indication that they haven’t been bored out of their brains??? Sandy had lots of fun and was very thankful. 😀


    1. Donna Zammit says:

      Ahhhhh! Andrea, I went back to your signature & yes there is the click on it to enlarge….”DUH!
      ” A small fact about myself…boring I know but may explain why I didn’t see it. I actually wear contact lenses, I’m very short sighted have been since a very young child. After work I usually take them out and have my glasses on…only wear them inthe privacy of my home, unless there is a big issue with lenses ( I’m very vain…years of being teased as a young child has scarred me mentally!!!!LOL not really, but it sounds dramatic) Anyhoo, the prescription in my glasses is really not that current!!!! Don’t enlarge it just for poor myopic old me. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers Donna
      Andrea adds: LOL! Giggle! I did have a giggle when I read your comment! We must be kindred spirits … because … even though I am not myopic … I am at the stage of needing reading glasses … and do have multifocals that I HAVE to wear in order to read ANYTHING now!!! But … I am also VAIN … and don’t just put them on and leave them on for the whole day! I just wear them when I need them!!! And … guess what … I was an optical dispenser BK (before kids)!!!!!!!! 😀 So … I do know what you are talking about!!! 😀 So … go get that script updated … and I promise I won’t laugh at you when you wear your glasses … if you don’t laugh at me!!! 😀


  6. Lynda says:

    DAH to me….this is take 2…I closed the window instead of hitting SUBMIT…LOL!!! You have 3 recipe fans. If I case your card I cut and paste (my version of printing out) the recipe for a refrence. I also use it to check against the colours I THINK you have used. I am also reeling fm your slick organisational skills. Very impressive indeed. Beautiful job. OK….note to self…hit SUBMIT now….ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yep!!! Received successfully this time … gorjuss!!! LOL! Oh … and for the record … I have done that same thing before too!!!! DUH! 😀 Thanks for the “yes” vote for recipe cards. I am definitely continuing if they are helpful to my faithful blog groupie! Slick organisational skills???? Hhhhmmmm … I guess that is a matter of opinion! 😉


  7. Lynda says:

    woo hoo!!! hee hee hee
    Andrea adds: Right back atcha! 😉


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