Butterfly Delight

Hi everyone!

I know you are all dying to see the pansy card … BUT … I did this Colour Q challenge a couple of days ago … and need to get it posted before the deadline! Now … I would NEVER have thought to put these colours together! (What is wrong with me???) 🙄 But … as soon as I saw this colour combo … I fell in love with it. This is a big surprise to me … because I think in the whole time I have been with SU! I might have used Bravo Burgundy …. hhhhmmmm …. maybe 3 times??? But … this combo was just irresistable. Perhaps it was the cute flower design that caught my eye??

So … this card also features the “floating watercolour” technique (minus embossing) that we used to create the pansies last night. I wanted to try it on a focus piece for this card as a display sample. I think it worked quite nicely as a feature background. Oh … and … sorry about the shadows on the card … I tried photographing outside this time. Still need to work on my photography skills! 🙄

This card was also created for the ESAD-SU Wk 10 sketch challenge … but dumb-spud me … only read 1/2 the challenge … and didn’t realise that along with the sketch … there was a specific colour combo, too!!! DUH!!! So … I have learnt my lesson. I don’t know if I will have time to do that challenge now … especially seeing this afternoon is DEFINITELY scrapping day! Off to get started now! Stampin’ Hugs xxx




  1. Sonia G says:

    I would call this card ‘tropically tasty’! I don’t know why but I can see lemon, lime, oranges and mango! Perhaps I should go and have a bite to eat…..
    It’s so refreshing!
    Thanks for the update on Ronnie!
    Andrea adds: If only I was living in the tropcial north! I hate winter! (And … I can’t really complain about our mild winters … but I still hate them!!!) Spoke to Laura (Leonie’s daughter) this arvo. Ronnie is up and around … fingers crossed he will be home tomorrow! Hugs xxx


  2. Lynda says:

    This card rivals the SS last colour challenge on Andrea…LOL!! I love what u have done with the sketch and colours. Brilliant. U seem to be having a Bold Brights revolution at the mo..LOL!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL … and you are having a BRIGHTS century, Lynda … with all your bright & cheerful comments!!! 😀


  3. Tanya Kitto says:

    & why didn’t you submit it???????
    It’s a lovely card Andrea & thanks for playing along,…..even tho you only read half it…..ROFLLLLL 😀
    Nice, bright, cheerful & lovely well done with the challenges 🙂
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: LOL!!! I can imagine you laughing out loud at my dumb moment! I am such a goober! 😯


  4. Regina says:

    Beautiful card with super neat presentation! Fantastic colors you have used.

    hugs Regina
    Andrea adds: LOL! It is so nice to have you visit and take the time to comment on so many of my cards. That is very sweet of you, Regina! xxx


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