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I am quite pleased with myself! 😀 I only have 5 pages to go to finish mum & dad’s album!!! And … I still have 10 days to go!!! Admittedly … if I had a bit more time … the pages would be a bit more professional … and a little more impressive. But … overall I am quite happy with what I have done considering how little time I have had. I know mum will love it! So … I thought I would take some time out … to give you a card! 🙂 

I’ve gotta say … I LOVE this card!!! I know … I might need to buy a bigger hat … (to fit the big head!!!) 😉 😀 🙄 You know how sometimes a card just comes together perfectly and you feel really thrilled with the final result. Doesn’t happen all that often to me … but this time it did!!! I really really love this new in-colour Soft Suede … and I am really excited that it is going to become one of SU!’s new core colours. I am definitely buying that re-inker now!!! All the images (except the phrase) on this card are embossed with white embossing powder … so it has an extra glossy / glamourous feel to it!

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This is my entry for the latest “Stamping 411” Sketch challenge. It was a yummy one!!! 😀  Anyway … off to do some more scrapping. And … I also need to design my Convention Swaps! We are having a play day at Leonie’s on Saturday to do our swaps … so I had better have something in mind so I can pack up some suitable stuff to take with me! Ronnie is home (and doing well) … and Leonie figures she can still keep an eye on him … while we do our stamping! It just will mean he can’t run out and get our yummy fish and chips for lunch for us! Our “cabana boy” will have to behave himself this time! 😉



  1. Julie Andrews says:

    This is gorgeous, Andrea. Will definitely be casing it. I thought you were coming to my place to do scrapping? It’s a good feeling when you finally see the end in sight.
    Have a great day.
    Andrea adds: Yes! That was the plan, Julie … but we have a house guest (one of the boys from Q’ld – friend of the kids) who arrived last Friday … and is here until Monday next week! (Was originally supposed to be 4 days … but then he decided to stay for a friend’s 21st that is on this weekend). With the kids all out at uni … and school … I don’t feel able to leave him without company! So … am kinda house bound at the mo! I was soooooo wanting to come. So … I will just have to come sometime and see your “playroom” … and do some other stamping! Still the plan … sometime soon … I hope! (Probably not until June, though!!! – I have 2 classes to prepare for & convention & weekend in Melbourne … all in May!) Thanks for the invitation … I will be there asap!!! 😀


  2. OH WOW – This one is a true winner in anyone’s book!! I just love this stamp set – have managed to sneak it inot my place – LOL – now just to get the medallion and then I can CASE you too!
    Andrea adds: LOL! Always a compliment … when you would like to CASE, Debbie! I think it is the colours … or perhaps the embossing … that makes this one so lovely! 😀


  3. Tanya Kitto says:

    MY OH MY!!!!! how clever are you. This card is oh so awesome. love the colours you have used. My Vintage Vogue stamp set turned up today….can’t wait to ink it up
    Oh & I gave in & bought the new in colours 😀
    Tan xox
    Andrea adds: LOL … yep! You will need them … and you will be addicted to them in no time!!!! 😉 Thanks for stopping by! Always love to see you here! 😀


  4. Monika/buzsy says:

    Gorgeous card Andrea! Love the colors, the images (myf favorites these days)… the embossing! :o)
    Andrea adds: Yes! I keep reaching for this stamp set … you just can’t go wrong with it! Have so many ideas … just no time to do them!!! 😀


  5. liamp says:

    this is just gorgeous. Love the colours. Love the way you used the tags under the flower. fantastic card. I might need to case this one.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Liam! It is so nice to see you back again! Will pop by your blog to see your challenge card! Hugs, Andrea xxx


  6. Lynda says:

    This card is majestic Andrea. I LURVE it to bits and wholeheartedly agree with Debbie!! I have not even givent he Medallion Stamp a sideways glance…but what you have done with it is beautiful. The combo rocks (note to self…..get Soft Suede out to play with). I am so v v glad that u have progressed on the album. Good luck with the convention swaps!! 00xx
    Andrea adds: I think that is the first time someone has called my card “majestic”!!!! You are such a hoot, Lynda! I’m sure that it was said in all sincerity … it just tickled my funny bone! Working on the album today! Oh … and for the record … I didn’t even give it a 2nd glance either … but then saw a few projects done with it … and decided it would be perfect for M&D’s album … so decided to take the plunge! Glad I did! Hugs, Andrea xxx


  7. Lee says:

    This is truly stunning! Love it.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Lee! It is so nice to see you again! xxx


  8. Love the ribbon details…great job! Thanks for playing along this week.
    Andrea adds: Hi Connie! Very happy to be playing this week! I loved this sketch! Hugs xxx


  9. Kay Kalthoff says:

    WOW! This is stunning! I’m absolutely love your style!!
    Andrea adds: That is such a lovely compliment, Kay … especially from someone who I visit regularly for inspiration! xxx 😀


  10. This is stunning! I really love the bashful blue ribbon, and that gorgeous white embossing! Super stunning!
    Andrea adds: I am rather excited by the response to this card! It is so lovely that so many have taken the time to stop and comment on it! And … I just love that ribbon, too! Must remember to get the Baja roll now that it is staying!!!


  11. Sonia G says:

    You have created the perfect balance. Each section is done using the same technique, yet you’ve chosen stamps that don’t overshadow each other! Love it!
    Andrea adds: If ever I need a “formal” critique for a card … I will come to you Sonia! You have such a great way with words! Hugs xxx 😀


    1. Sonia G says:

      Oh boy! Sorry for being so formal!!!!

      It’s great, fantastic and sensational!

      Judging by the number of comments I am not the only one who thinks that!


      Andrea adds: LOL! I will add you to the fan club, Sonia!!! (Not that I actually have one!!!) 😉


  12. Regina says:

    SPECTACULAR! Amazing! Stunning! Super creative! That is all I can say !
    An amazing card and will be cherished!
    Andrea adds: You have certainly cheered me up with all your enthusiastic comments today, Regina! Keep ’em coming! 😉 xxx


  13. Denise M. says:

    WOWWWWWWW, is this gorgeous!! Love Love LOOOVE the color combo, and all the dimension on the tag and flowers!
    Andrea adds: Such a lovely compliment, Denise … thanks for the excitement!!! 😀


  14. Silke Ledlow says:

    DROP DEAD GORGEOUS Andrea!!! WOW I really love how you designed this card!!! I love the Vintage Vogue Set too!!! The white embossing and your color choice are FANTASTIC!!! Hugs ~S~
    Andrea adds: I am imagining that “Drop Dead Gorgeous” is kinda enthusiastic???? LOL! Thanks for your lovely comment, Silke … it has certainly put a smile on my face today!!! And … it is so nice to see you agian! 😀 xxx


  15. Leonie says:

    yayayaya what a beautiful card !!!

    I just think all your work is beautiful BUT you know that already 🙂

    yes our Cabana Boy will be “out of action” tomorrow BUT we will forgive him THIS TIME & this time only 🙂
    Andrea adds: LOL! Just hope he is up to all the NOISE!!! Have decided what to do for my swaps … have you??? C U tomorrow! Hugs hunny! xxx


  16. This is just gorgeous!
    Andrea adds: Hi Carrie! Thanks so much for visiting and taking the time to leave a comment! I love meeting new visitors to my blog! Glad you liked this one! Hugs xxx


  17. These are beautiful cards. I agree. When using the vintage vogue they always turn out fantastic. Love the blue with the soft suade.
    Andrea adds: Soft Suede / Bashful Blue is now a fav colour combo! Thanks for stopping by Philippa! xxx


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