Ooooh!!! A lovely gift x 2!


Just wanted to pop back and show you what I received yesterday from two special blog friends! Leonie (gi-gi) & Jenny are such sweet hunny bunnies to pass on this award to me! I was very thrilled to receive it! 😀

So … with this award … comes a little responsibility! I need to pass it onto 10 “Beautiful Blog” friends … and I need to tell you 10 things about myself! I haven’t done this award “thingy” for a little while … but I thought I would try and pass this award onto some different friends this time! I haven’t listed these in any particular order … but here are some “Beautiful Blogs” created by some “Beautiful Friends for you to check out! I’m sure you will LOVE what you see! I have also included a couple of US blogs … so you can have a looky at some of the gorgeous SU! “stuff” that is around … and hopefully we will get soon!!! (fingers crossed!) 😉 I also had a couple more blog friends to give this to … but as they had only recently received it … I thought, instead, I would share it around! 😀

  1. Nicole Derendorf
  2. Lee-Anne Barry
  3. Sonia Garbutt
  4. Kay Kalthoff
  5. Leonie Newman
  6. Lynda Shrimpton
  7. Fiona Harrison
  8. Tiffany Miller
  9. Michelle Yungbauer
  10. Selene Kempton

And now … hhhhmmmm … 10 things about myself!

Did you know ……….

  1. I have the BEST hubby in the world … and before you try to argue with me … I’m sorry … but you will have to settle for 2nd best. OK!!!
  2. I have 5 wonderful kiddley-winks … aged 24 down to 12 … I KNOW! 😯 I don’t look old enough!!! 😉 Oh … + 1 “hot” son-in-law! (That’s his word … not mine!)
  3. I have a twin sister … born 1/2 hour before me … so that means I suffer from “middle child syndrome”! 😀
  4. My most precious possession is … God’s gift of salvation to ME!
  5. My dearest desire … that all my closest and most special friends and family would have this gift too!
  6. My hubby has taken me away … every year (except 1) for our anniversary! 2003 – we had just had a family trip to US … so we couldn’t stretch for another weekend away! We have been married for nearly 27 years.
  7. I would love to be thin! 😀
  8. I am NOT FOND of my middle name! … NOPE! NOT TELLING!!! Starts with “C” … can you guess??? …
  9. I love diamonds!!! 😀
  10. I have always wanted to learn to surf … but know that it is beyond the realms of possiblity at my age and size!!!!

So … I really had better get back to that newsletter … now that I have procrastinated far too long! 😉 Enjoy the blog award, my friends! 😀 PLEASE remember to scroll down for today’s CARD post!



  1. chrissieah says:

    For a price I could spill the beans on Andrea’s middle name!! Any takers?! LOL
    Andrea adds: SSSSSsssshhhhh! I forgot you would be reading this! 😀


    1. ooooo Chris do tell 🙂 I have some excess Sale A Bration sets ……
      Andrea adds: Ooooh! FREE rubbah!!! How is she going to resist!??? I have complete confidence in her … I think!!! 🙄


  2. Lynda says:

    Put me in for a fiver Chrissie….LOL!!!! perhaps we can start a pool up…hee hee hee. best behave or otherwise Andrea may take the award back.LOL!!! I think I may have a pretty fair idea…but i am also good at keeping a secret. Seriously tho…does anyone REALLY ever love their middle name?? Mine is Louise….so Lyndy-Lou was a fave for the relos (PS to this day STILL despise it!!) Thanks agin for passin it onto me. Honoured and appreciated. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Giggle … My other sister’s name is Louise!!! 😉 And … I realised after I posted that comment about hating my middle name … that there will be someone in blog land that owns that name and may be very attached to it!!! So … perhaps I need to be a little more sensitive about someone else owning that name!!!??? 🙄 Oh … that is so politically correct … isn’t it! We all have different opinions when it comes to names … otherwise we would all call our kids the same name!!! How boring would that be!!! xxx


  3. Hello my lovely … you never cease to amaze me with all that you do and keeping your family sane (or is that just an illusion?) I love checking your blog and now my time is limited I dont always get a chance to comment all the time. luv you girl and see you in 18 days! mwah
    Andrea adds: Definitely an illusion!!! 😉 Actually … I have great kids … who aren’t that hard to love!!! I definitely can’t complain! Looking forward to seeing you, too! 😀 mwah right back atcha! 😀


  4. Kay Kalthoff says:

    Thank you so much Andrea, for the shout out! I am tickled pink!!
    Andrea adds: Just my way of saying thank you for the inspiration that you share … and that I enjoy! Glad it made you smile! xxx


  5. Sonia G says:

    Oooooh! Thank you for saying that my blog is beautiful…. I will hopefully put the final instalment of the osw up today.
    Andrea adds: LOL! You’re welcome hunny! Looking forward to doing some blurfing tonight … I am so behind with visiting my regular blogs!!! 😀


  6. Thank you Andrea, that is so sweet. Can’t wait til I’m on hols (11 days!) so I will have some time to blog!
    Fi x
    Andrea adds: Glad you liked it! I am looking forward to seeing your creations! Yay for hols … should be more of them! xxx


  7. chrissieah says:

    hmmm tempted by the free rubber… but once Andrea said she had confidence in me – how could I let her down… it’s really not that bad a name – it could be worse… however I am quite attached to mine… even if it is one of the most common middle names in the world!! Starts with A.. 3 letters!
    Andrea adds: I knew I could count on you sis!!! 😀 And … I don’t want to upset anyone who might like their name (and it is the same as my 2nd name!) So … let’s consider the matter closed!!! 😀


  8. Julie Andrews says:

    By the way. The vanity of your son-in-law (my son) does not come from me!!!!!
    Andrea adds: LOL!!!! Of course not!!!!! 😀 😉


  9. Michelle Y. says:

    Hi Andrea!!! Thanks so very much for including me in this wonderful blog award… so very HONORED!!! 🙂 You are a wonderful person that warms many hearts with your talent and kind words… YOU ROCK! 🙂
    Andrea adds: You are very welcome Michelle! And … I know you don’t have a lot of time for blogging since starting back at work … but I have you on “subscribe” so I don’t miss anything when you happen to post! Hugs xxAxx


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