Crystal Rose

Hello everyone!

Still having computer probs!!! Can’t open my publisher files … BUT IT IS TOTALLY my fault! I downloaded the last couple of months of Windows updates … even though Gav said it was a bad idea!!! Yep! I have to admit … IT WAS A BAD IDEA!!! 🙄 Should learn to leave good enough alone! Oh well! Having a lazy day today! Was feeling pretty yucky last night … and not much better this morning … some sort of temp/fluey thingy … so because I have to drive 4 12yr olds to State Cross Country tomorrow … and then my sis & hubby arrive from Q’ld for my mum & dad’s 50th anniversary … and are here for the weekend … I really needed to get on top of this before it got any worse. So … Gav talked me into spending the day in bed! Of course, that’s where laptops are GREAT!!! I have been able to catch up on the blurfing that I just haven’t had time for over the last week. It was nice to hop around and get some inspiration from all my lovely blog friends!

Anyway … before I rabbit on any more … I thought I would share the other card that we made in Stamp Club a couple of weeks ago! I found this gorgeous design on Selene’s Blog and thought the technique was a slightly different spin on the Watercolour Pansies that we also did … so was good as a 2nd sample for water spritzing!

This wasn’t an easy project to do for stamp club … because we had to get the crystal effects to dry before we mounted the image onto the card. And … it meant that we couldn’t do the 2nd layer of crystal effects (that Selene did on her card) … but the overall effect was extremely satisfactory!!! My girls enjoyed this one! So … we don’t have the shimmer card that Selene used here in OZ … so I just used Whisper White card instead. The spritzed colour technique seemed to work reasonably well on the WW card. All the details for embossing, colouring and spritzing the rose … as well as the crystal effects instructions can be found on my CARD RECIPE at the end of this post. I loved the colours, Selene used … and sometimes you just know that you won’t be as satisfied with another combination … so I copied the colour combo too!!!

I was catching up on my comments this morning … and found a lovely surprise from Claire! Thanks so much for the Sunshine Award, Claire! It was so sweet of you to think of me … and I was really touched! It did brighten my day … when I was feeling a little sorry for myself! Definitely brought me a little Sunshine! 😀 I would like to pass this award onto … Simone, Jenny, Teneale, Lisa & Monika … who all bring me sunshine with their gorgeous inspiration and ideas!

UPDATE: Monday 10th May … how lovely … I just received this award again from my lovely blog friend Sonia! It was so nice to know that she gets a smile from my blog each day! Thanks so much Sonia!

And … then … I also had a lovely email from Simone, today, too! She has also been in bed with some dreaded “lurgy” … and took the time to stop and say hi … and sent me some chicken soup via email!!! Thanks for your concern, Simone! I hope you are feeling completely better soon, too!

I will try and get a scheduled post done for the next couple of days … I have a feeling it is going to be REALLY busy! 😀 Thanks for being so patient with me … and hanging in there … lately! Surely life will quieten down a little soon??? Stampin’ Hugs! xxx




  1. Lynda says:

    This looks MAD Andrea. Will check out the link and see if poss to replicate for a procrastinator like myself….hee hee hee. I am totally in lurve with Rich Razz. Looks magical on ur card too.
    Please look after yourself… have to be well to get the MAX enjoyment out of all teh fun you have coming up. Keep hydrated and beat this bug!! ooxx
    Andrea adds: And … it looks even better IRL!!! I’m sure you would manage this one fine, Lynda! If I can do it … anyone can!!! 😉 Hope you give it a go! Does 1 1/2 l of Pepsi Max count for “keeping hydrated”??? It’s all I have felt like all day! 😀


    1. Lynda says:

      Dunno if Pepsi Max is a medically recognised rehydration fluid (and i think the caffeine wld actually be slightly DEhydrating) Even the bubbles in some lemonade may make you feel a tad brighter?? Please take care of u…I hate it when my friends feel down. 😦 00xx
      Andrea adds: You are such funny bunny, hunny!!! 😀 I know you are totally right!!! But … it was all I actually felt like! 😉 Thanks so much for all your care and concern! xxAxx


  2. Julie Andrews says:

    This looks great, Andrea. I hope you are feeling better. I can sympathize. I felt a bit off Wed. avo – not flu, but more of an upset tummy. Thankfully that was all, and felt fine yesterday. I also love your Mum and Dad’s anniversary card. I have just done one for mine, plus sent off my Mothers day cards, and my sisters birthday.
    Love Julie
    Andrea adds: You need a blog Julie … so you can post your cards for me to look at!!! I am feeling better today … not 100% … but improving! It is a gorgeous day! Hope you have a happy mother’s day! xxAxx


  3. Ness says:

    Hey Andrea! Gorgeous card….I love this technique! Will have to give it a try 🙂 Hope you are feeling a lot better today…..we want you fit and well for Convention!xxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks Ness! I am doing better and looking forward to Convention! Thanks for stopping by! xxAxx


  4. Andrea, I hope you got spoilt for Mother’s Day and feeling better to enjoy all your family celebrations this weekend.

    Thanks for the Sunshine Award. Congrats on your Sunshine Award. I always come away feeling inspired!!!

    Looking forward to convention, so get well for our late night partying!!!!

    Jenny xxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! Yes … I can just imagine … all us “wild party girls” … the thought brings a smile to my face!!! We will probably all be in bed by 10pm with our Bed socks & heat packs … LOL!!! 😉 But … then Leonie might have other plans!!! 😉


  5. This is gorgeous! I think I like yours better than mine! 🙂 Beautiful work as always!
    Andrea adds: Oh Selene! What a beautiful compliment! Thanks for your encouragement! Hugs xxAxx


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