Twilight Stamp Club! Nearly a disaster!!!!!


Sunday 16th: I have to take Gav to chiropractor tomorrow. (Thankfully he already had this appointment booked.) And … of course … it is newsletter day … so I thought … seeing Gav has just had another dose of drugs and his heat pack is warm again … I would do a scheduled post for Monday … just in case I didn’t get here (yet again!).

At our stamp club on Friday night … our technique for the night was “Bleached-Out Images”. BUT … we nearly had a total disaster! The card sample that I had created was a real “WOW” when I showed the girls … and I had absolutely NO TROUBLE at all when I put the card together a few days before the class. But … for some reason … it is still a bit of a mystery … the bleach just wouldn’t take the colour out of the card when we tried it in class!!! Has anyone else ever had a “panic” moment like that before??? A whole class based around this new technique and it WASN’T WORKING!!! 😯 !!! The only thing I can think it might be is that when I created the original card I used a really good quality fine point paint brush … but I only had ONE of those … so had popped into the $2 shop to buy some more fine point paint brushes. Obviously these were not good quality … but they did look nice and fine and quite suitable! After a couple of attempts … and re-cutting card … and re-embossing images … I finally had a bright idea to try it with some small wooden skewers. So … we added the bleach to the card using the skewers and THANKFULLY it worked fine! So … I still am not sure what happened … but my panic moment passed and the girls ended up with their cards completed! Here is my sample …

Sorry … this card image is a little dark. Must have had the blinds drawn (and didn’t notice) when I took this photo! I hope you can see how gorgeous this technique REALLY is!!! 😉 Check out my card recipe to find out how to do this LOVELY technique! We did do another card using this technique … and I will show you that one another day! 😀 Have a happy day!



  1. Karen M says:

    Hi Andrea, This is really gorgeous – I am so sad that I missed the class 😦
    Andrea adds: We missed you too, Karen! But … Tanya has some samples for you. Between Tanya and me … we managed to make your samples up too!!! C U next time! Hugs xxAxx


  2. liamp says:

    Hi Andrea,

    The jumbo wheel is an oldie but love this stamp set. this is just beautiful. Love the colour selection too.

    Andrea adds: Thanks Liam! Have been checking your blog. Always love visiting! xxAxx


  3. This is so stunning! I love your use of this techinque!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Selene! This is so easy, really! Just a pity it didn’t work well at the class … but all’s well that ends well. Thanks so much for visiting. It’s lovely to see you! xxAxx


  4. Paula Dobson says:

    What a brilliant card Andrea! Don’t worry, I think every Demo has had “oh oh” moments – adds to the fun! Also makes customers realise that we have mishaps too!
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the encouragement, Paula! It is so nice to know that I’m not the only one to have things go wrong!!! 😉 😀 I just hope my customers don’t think this technique is a dud … because it is actually really easy … and really pretty! Adds a depth to the card! Hugs xxAxx


  5. Sonia G says:

    WOW! I can imagine your stress at the technique not working! Of course, you have a very imaginitive little brain and your quick thinking of the skewers must have been magic!

    How’s Gav today?

    Only a few more days till convention…. Yippee!!!


    Andrea adds: How kind of you to ask! Gav is not so good. The chiro has diagnosed a torn or bulging disc! A bit worse than the sprain that we originally thought it was. Has to spend the whole week in bed! I am being his “go fetch” girl! 😉 I am so glad the skewers worked … I don’t know what I would have done if it hadn’t! Hugs xxAxx


    1. Sonia G says:

      Oh poor Gav! Does he need some angel cards?

      Does this mean you aren’t coming to convention????? Or have you organised the cavalry to come and stand in for you?

      Andrea adds: LOL! I’m sure he would be embarrassed to receive some angel cards!!! 😀 He feels a bit of a goose! But … thanks so much for the thought … it is lovely of you! Still working on the Convention thing! Gav wants me to go … but can I????? hhhmmm … seems particularly irresponsible … don’t you think??? 😉 I think you are the wrong one to ask!!! 😀 Hugs xxAxx


  6. Christine Tuff says:

    oh no, poor Gav, I’ve had a bulging disc and its not nice!! Hope he’s better really soon!!! Love this card, it is so gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the stressful class, there’s nothing worse, but all is well that ends well! Hope to meet you at convention!!! Only two more sleeps!!!!
    Christine xo
    Andrea adds: It is so lovely to have the sympathy of my blog friends. I can tell you … being chief dogsbody is a little wearing!!! Still planning for convention … but have to get around the “head thing” … It’s just a SU! convention … NOT IMPORTANT!!! Should I be at home caring for my invalid hubby??? LOL! 🙂 Hope to meet you too! Hugs xxAxx


  7. Regina says:

    oh, your card is so lovely! The swirl is fantastic!
    I have the swirl wheel and I’m definately going to have to give this technique a try!
    Hugs Regina
    Andrea adds: You are always so enthusiastic … even about my disasters, Regina! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs xxAxx


  8. Monika/buzsy says:

    So very pretty Andrea! Love the purple! That shadow technique is fabulous! :o)
    Andrea adds: Yes … Am going to miss all those gorgeous purples … when the new colour collections come in! The shadow technique is very pretty. The pic doesn’t really do it justice! Hugs xxAxx


  9. Lynda says:

    This is a very eye catching card Andrea. I can’t imagine that sinking feeling in ur stomach when things did not go to plan. God Bless lateral thinking and the folks that can do it!!! You can never go wrong with the Prceless set…and this is yet another example of its versatility!!Brilliant card under adverse conditions (both on an off the table…hee hee hee). ooxx
    Andrea adds: Thanks (once again) for my giggle for the day! You are a hunny! And … thanks for your beautiful emails over the last few days. You keep me smiling and sane! Hugs xxAxx


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