I am back!

Hello everyone!

Sorry … it has taken me all day to get here again! All the good intentions in the world don’t always make it happen!!! I am beginning to learn that! 😉 😀 We have had FANTABULOUS news at the specialist today … He said Gav’s hemangioma is “very interesting” … but is actually a “red herring”!!! He spent quite a bit of time poring over the MRI … and has found a bulging & torn disc evident. (That’s the original diagnosis by the chiro … before this hemangioma turned up on the MRI!!!) But … even better … the pain is a result of the inflammation around the nerves … and although it has been so agonising … it should settle and resolve itself!!! Possibly 6 weeks full recovery … but hopefully it will only be a week or so before he is feeling significantly better. So … NO SURGERY!!! Woo hoo!! He has given Gav a referral to have a steriod injection to the nerve (with cat scan guidance) to settle the inflammation a little more quickly … but we can’t get an appointment until Monday afternoon … so by then it probably won’t be needed! I feel a bit of a fraud now … all that fuss … for something so insignificant!!! So … even though I am feeling foolish … I am just so thankful for this final diagnosis. I know that there have been lots of prayers … and so much concern and care from so many … and I know God has been in control the whole time … and this is all part of His plan! Thank you to all those who have sent messages of concern. It has been a huge encouragement to me and if I could give you all a BIG HUG … I would do so!!! Even in the mail today … when we got home from the doctor’s … was a sweet hand stamped card from my dear blog friend Lynda! It truly warmed my heart … just as every comment and message has! My “thank you” words hardly seem adequate … but in blog land … that is all I can do! Say THANK YOU! 😀

I do have so much to share with you after Convention … I have some gorgeous swaps … and photos of some FAB projects that were demonstrated … but I thought I would start with some photos from the weekend!

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I didn’t realise how tired I was looking until I saw these photos! Not the best … but after the week I had … who can blame me??? This is the first time I have tried inserting a slideshow into a post! I hope it works ok for you all! It did seem to be working ok in my preview! I know you are all probably hanging out for a card … I will try and get back tomorrow to show you some samples from Convention. So … that should give you some inspiration … and help your mojo along a little. I just need to get those photos organised! C U soon! (Fingers Crossed!!!) 😉




  1. pat from the capital city of pierre, south dakota says:

    So glad to hear that your hubby will not need surgery. Looks like you had a GREAT convention. Thanks for sharing.
    Andrea adds: Thanks Pat! I am overwhelmed with all the wonderful support I have had! We did have a great time in Sydney! Do you have a blog I could visit? Hugs xxAxx


  2. Lynda says:

    Tired…I thought u looked FABULOUS darlink!!!! I have heard that creativity, spending time with kindred (and of course the Goddess Shelli)…and a little bit of ink here and there is great for the skin and the soul!!! I am so wrapped to hear of Gav’s good fortune. Please do not feel fradulent over your love and concern for Gav’s back. It it quite possible that all you hard work and diligence in the initial period prob saved him a lot of possible pain and suffering down the track. Back injuries are never ‘insignificant’ but again I am so glad there is a fab light at the end of the tunnel!!
    I am so glad u liked the card and I happily accept the hug and thank you. You have a lot of people out there who luv you. Can’t wait to see what else Convention did for your soul. Must get there one day huh?? Nice pics of SS too. ooxx
    Andrea adds: What a lovely message (yet again) Lynda! YOU are good for my soul! 😀 The card is just PERFECT … so sweet and pretty AND PINK!!!!! (Congrats!) And … did you know that you can attend SU! as a guest of a demo? Costs more … but … what a great idea!!! Melbourne 2011 … perhaps we will meet there??? 😀


  3. Andrea, I’m so glad Gav’s back is not as bad as first thought. Don’t feel you’re a fraud. It has been a really worrying time. Glad he will not need surgery and he will be back on his feet in a short time!
    It was such a good time together at convention. I was looking at all my photos and had a good laugh at the time we had together. It was such fun!
    Sending you big hugs.
    Jenny XOXOXO
    Andrea adds: Thanks for the big hugs … I am still feeling pretty tired … so a big hug is just what I need! I am so blessed with all my stamping friends! And … I do hope you have recovered from that yukky lurgie and are feeling a-ok again! xxAxx


  4. Leonie says:

    YAYAYAYAYAYAYa wha a relief to hear gavin is OK !!!
    what a tricker he is!!!!:) really I am very happy all is ok…
    WHAT a FUNTABULOUSOUS time we had at convention wahooooooooooo yayayayayaya
    I have different pics than you do so will get a copy to you soon honey xxxxx I am saving for MELBOURNE 2011 Convention yayayayayayay
    thanks heaps for helping make Convention 2010 a wonderful time I have some magic moment memories I will treasure always xxxx
    Andrea adds: Yes! He is a tricker! I didn’t mention to everyone here … that he knew he had to have that MRI on Friday before we left for Convention but he didn’t tell me … cos he knew I wouldn’t go! A tricker … but a very nice tricker!!! Lots of magic moments … lots and lots of giggles!!!! You helped make Convention a very happy memory! (Even with the worry of Gav!)


  5. chrissieah says:

    slides worked better when I maximised my window! Looks like you had heaps of fun! Great news about Gavin. Hopefully he will feel better soon and will feel the benefit of slowing down for a couple of weeks for a good rest!!
    Andrea adds: And … hopefully the wife will too!!!!! 😀 One day!!!


  6. Paula Dobson says:

    Hi Andrea!

    I missed meeting you at Convention, but I have one of your swaps (lucky me!) so we did meet at some point! Maybe next year? lol.
    Andrea adds: Hi Paula! Yes!!! I just went to look for your swap … and there it is!!! So … we did meet! What a shame we didn’t realise at the time! What a cute swap … and a lovely idea … “ferns for NZ & green & gold for AUS”!Swapping is just manic … don’t you think??? To be honest … I just wanted to get it done and get out of there!!! 😉 But … I did get some lovely ideas from my swaps! I did manage to meet a few of my blog friends (so exciting) but there a few more (from my IE Favourites Bar) that I wanted to catch up with (including you) … and just didn’t see them all weekend. But … there were alot of people there!!! Next year … hopefully!!! xxAxx


  7. liamp says:

    Hi Andrea,

    Thanks for the update on convention looks great. I am glad all is well with hubby. See now what was all that fuss about. lol!! I am super happy for you all has settled down.

    Andrea adds: I hope you pop back and see some of the gorgeous swaps I got. We missed you at Convention. Must pop by ESAD to have a look at NON Convention!!! Hope you had fun! xxAxx


  8. Hi Andrea
    Wow fantastic news about Gav. Thanks for the hug at convention it was great to meet in person and wow I even made it to your blog roll. My favourite part of convention was meeting all my friends that I had chatted with so much on here but never met in person. Take care.
    Andrea adds: LOL! You have been on my blog roll for a while Kathryn!!! And … it was so lovely to meet after all this time of popping by your blog! My fav part too!!!! Hugs xxAxx


  9. Sonia G says:

    Phew! Glad to hear that surgery appears to be out of the equation for Gav! I wish him a speedier recovery! As for being concerned over his dilemma, it’s part of one of your many job descriptions, “caring wife”

    It was soooooooo great to meet you at convention! Although it was much too quick! I have been having a couple of quiet days before I get back into it!

    Thanks for putting the stunning photo of us up! I hope it’s okay if I do likewise!

    Andrea adds: LOL! Part of the fun of Convention is sharing the pics!!! It is a stunning one isn’t it!!! Particularly with tired OLD Andrea next to that young spring chicken!!! 😉 I am so glad we had a chance to chat a few times. Made Convention that much more special! xxAxx


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