Treescape – Bleached Out Images

Hello everyone! (wow! that’s a really weird perspective on that photo … how did I do that???) 😀

Isn’t it a gloomy day … a perfect day for stamping … but here it is 3.30pm and I still haven’t had a chance! I did the soccer run this morning … Sandy’s team won! Yay! I dunno where the time has gone today? We had another parent meeting after Sandy’s match … I am soooo over the politics of junior soccer. I just wish the vocal minority would play nicer! (Parents, that is!!!) Then … a debrief with Gav … and I was beginning to feel in a gloomy mood. Perhaps it is the weather … or perhaps it is just that I can’t understand why people are so judgemental of others. There are always two sides to every story … can’t we just try and understand one another instead of fighting for our “rights”???? As Charlie Brown would say … “Good Grief”! So … I need to snap out of my gloomy mood … and what better way than to pop by here … read a few lovely comments … and share a new project with my REAL friends!!! (Actually … to be fair … the parents on Sandy’s team are really really lovely and I enjoy spending time with them (we have a great mums cheer squad) on Saturday mornings. 😀 The kids have a great rapport … and are very supportive and encouraging  of each other … but it just takes one little pickle to spoil the whole pot!!! … doesn’t it???) 🙄

This is another sample of the “Bleached – Out Images” technique that we did at our recent Twilight Stamp Club. We didn’t actually all have time to create this one … but isn’t this stamp set perfect for this technique!? You just “splotch” a bit of bleach over the embossed tree image. No need to be really careful with this one!

Well … I am running out of projects to share with you all … so I am determined to get some stamping done this arvo. I think my mojo might have disappeared, though! 😦 I might have to get some inspiration from my blog friends and do some CASE-ing! 🙂 The weather reports say that we are in for some wild & woolley weather over the next 24 hours! I love the rain … but not so fussed about the wind. Oh well … I just remind myself … I have a lovely warm safe home … and there are others who don’t!!! Aren’t I in a philosophical mood today!!! 🙄 I will go now … before I make you all depressed!!! 😀 😉

Christine (my sis) just picked up an error on the card recipe! Sorry … but it takes such an effort to change the recipe … resave it … then re-upload it … so I will just tell you here … Don’t sprinkle “clear” embossing powder – USE the black (as listed in supplies) embossing powder instead! 😀 😛 😀



  1. I’m still to scared to pull out the bleach – I’m such a klutz I swear whatever I’m wearing will end up speckled – LOL – BUT love the look you’ve achieved here!
    Awesome job!
    Andrea adds: LOL! I’m sure you aren’t nearly that bad, Debbie!!! And … really … what’s a few speckles here and there??? You could pretend it is a “spritzed” look … and no one would question you!!! LOL! 😀 Hugs xxAxx


  2. chrissieah says:

    Just thought you might like to check your instructions sheet… I was wondering how it worked when it said sprinkle clear embossing powder… then I looked at the “ingredients” list and it had black embossing powder… now I understand! typo?! 🙂
    I will have to try this seeing I have that stamp set – looks really effective.
    I am a bit the same – wanted to stamp today and here it is 5.30pm and am too tired!! LOL maybe tomorrow. I still haven’t used my new stamp set!! Itching to!
    Andrea adds: LOL! That’s what happens when you “cut and paste” instructions from a previous project!!! LOL! Jim & Jean called in … yes … nearly 6pm … and haven’t touched a stamp set yet!!! Hugs xxAxx


  3. liamp says:

    I love this card. I have the bleach but I am always scared to try. I seen it done at regionals and I was a little more confident when I seen it being done so I went out bought a bottle of bleach. Do you think I have ever opened that bleach bottle. NAH!! I must try it out. You have inspired me.

    Andrea adds: Have a go Liam … you will be surprised how easy it is. Make sure you have a good quality brush … or small wooden kebab skewer does a good job, too! Hugs xxAxx


  4. Lynda says:

    this card has a real soppky yet ethral feel Andrea. i love it. However, like Debbie, with challanged opposable thumb co-ordination…it is not something i wld jumb at…heck..I don’t even get my EP’s out enough…LOL. My mojo has up and GORNE since camp…so I tried to get something happening today…and instead I changed my hair colour….LOL!! Gotta start somewhere hey?? 😉
    TOTALLY hear you on the whole parental/sport thing. I however cop it fm the players’ side…cause MOST (if not all) of our opponents have their Mum’s b’friends on the sideline. It is not nice to cop a barraging (verbal or otherwise) whilst u are playing and sharing in a sport u love. The irritating few make it awful for the rest!! Batton down the hatches and enjoy ur week. ooxx
    Andrea adds: Yes … I can feel for you having to cop the rantings and ravings from the sideline! Aussies are becoming much less laid back than they used to be! We need to get a grip!!! 😀 Must be contagious … my mojo has disappeared, too! From lack of use!!! So … I had to look for ideas from friends yesterday … made one card … and then gave up! I would just like a full day to myself. To indulge in some stamping just for me!!! Sigh … perhaps tomorrow??? Or the next day??? Sigh! Hey … did you put a new pic on your blog so I can see the new hair colour? Is it a drastic change? It is a blustery cold, wet day today! I have brought my computer up to bed to do the newsletter … hhhmmm … nice and warm. Popped “Bewitched” into the DVD … and just doing a little blogging (just comments for now) … before getting stuck into the newsletter! Hope you are able to stay dry and warm, too!


  5. Denise says:

    Love these bleaching techniques….so beautiful!
    Andrea adds: Thanks Denise! Hope you are having a nice day! xxAxx


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