Project 4 – Sweet Treat Cups!

Hello everyone!

So … did you get a giggle from my ‘Downright Ugly” card yesterday? Not many comments … you must all be being very polite! 😀 I have the last of our 4 projects from my recent Sweet Treat Cups Class for you today! This idea was CASED from ANDREA BUCKLAND’S gorgeous sample! I had already finished preparing my Sweet Treat Cups Class … but when I saw this great card … I just knew I had to share it with my stamping buddies! The “secret window” was a MUST to learn! So … this was the bonus project that we made at my class! I had prepared this project well and truly before Convention … and … at that point I didn’t know Andrea at all. But a mutual blog friend asked Andrea to look for me at Convention and take a photo for her (thanks Lee-Anne) … and so she did just that! It was lovely to meet her and have a nice chat.  Imagine my surprise when I came to post this card here … and realised that it was the same Andrea who had created this FAB project that had caught my eye! So … thanks Andrea for sharing this super idea!

And … as with the other class projects … I have prepared a step-by-step tutorial … and all card measurements & colours can be found on the card recipe at the end of the post!

Click on pic to view PDF tutorial

If you haven’t seen the other 3 projects from this class … here are the links (click on pics) …


Off to the shops with my mum. Skye’s 18th is less than 4 weeks away … and I would like to have a look for her birthday present. I’m not really in the mood (feeling a bit “fluey” again)  … but … hey … my mum enjoys the time out … so that will be nice! We will have a nice cup of coffee … C U Soon! Stampin’ Hugs xxx




  1. Lynda says:

    Have just commented on the “duckling card” and this one MORE than makes up for it. I did see this one on Andrea B’s site and loved the idea. I think you have done a FAB job with it too. I get such a feeling of lightness and soaring looking at this!! Brilliant!! Please take care of you….we don’t wanna crook Andrea. Esp with all u have on your plate.
    Cake made it to school and was squealed at by those who felt the need!!! Will post some pics soon (hopefully). Off to do the groceries now!! Bucketing down here at the mo….dunno abt sport this w’end?? My knee is being OVER rested!!! AAARRRGGGGHHHH. ooxx
    Andrea adds: LOL! I can feel your frustration … but don’t share it … having always been a dunderhead when it comes to sport! I was always the one that came last in my races at school. Thanks for the thumbs up on this one … after sharing my ugly duckling (although I don’t think it will ever become a swan) … I was feeling a little deflated (self inflicted pain!!!) So … I was in a real hurry to post something worth seeing!!! Hugs Andrea xx


    1. Lynda says:

      My darl’n Andrea…wheter swan or not it is always wonderful to live vicariously thru someone elses creative expression. You have no idea how many procrastinators there are out there…who luv seeing your efforts and think ‘if only I cld stop procrastinating long enough to give something like this a go!!” Please don’t stop. Stay dry and stay sane!! ooxx Ohhhhhh just been reminded that Hubby proposed to me in a balloon too!! ooxx
      Andrea adds: Oh … how romantic … perhaps you should try this one for your next anniversary! And … thanks for the little “push” … I have so lost my mojo at the moment … I think just too tired … but it is nice to know you are enjoying my offerings … even the ugly ones!!! 😉 Hugs Andrea xx


  2. Monika/buzsy says:

    What a great card Andrea! Love that hot air balloon. I have that stamp and used it couple of times… I should take it out again! Love the clouds and the trees! Very creative scene! :o)
    Andrea adds: I can’t take all the credit for this one … but it was a fun card to create! Thanks for stopping by! Hugs Andreaxx


  3. Silke Ledlow says:

    Hey sweet friend!!! Happy belated Anniversary to you and your hubby!!! Sorry to hear your hubby is insured…hope he will recover quickly!!! What a romantic dinner you both had…sounds fun after all!!!

    Our evening was wonderful too….dinner and a movie…!!! We watched *Letter to Juliet*. A must see for any hopeless romanic…LOL!!!

    BTW I love your sweet ballon card…perfect inside and out!!! I bought this set too and I have not even used this part of it…I think I have to go and dig it out 🙂 !!!

    Your card from yesterday is not that ugly…LOL…I really like the look of the mosaic technique!!! I have never tried this, but I think it looks cool!!!

    Have a wonderful day!!! Hugs ~S~
    Andrea adds: I was wondering which movie you went to see! I would love to see that one … Yes … I am a hopeless romantic! Gav is on the mend … but still has to be careful not to over do it! Thanks for saying lovely things about my UGLY card! You are very sweet! Hugs Andrea xx


  4. Ooooooooh sooo much fun! Oh to be flying around in a balloon – nope, not really – I like to keep my feet firmly planted but can just imagine it WOULD be awesome – LOL
    Andrea adds: Another thing we have in common!!! Not so adventurous here either!!! 😀 Thanks so much for all your encouraging visits, Debbie and your sweet support! Hugs Andrea xx


  5. nickiturner says:

    Your step by step tutorial is awesome! And of course the card is FAB! Andrea is my upline (aren’t I lucky!).
    Andrea adds: Thanks Nicki! And … You are VERY LUCKY!!! Off to visit your blog! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi! xxAxx
    Andrea adds more: Oh … and after visiting your blog … I think Andrea is one lucky upline, too! 😀


  6. Regina says:

    hi, Andrea
    what a wonderful card! The balloon is great! I love your wood and the sky!

    lovely hugs
    Andrea adds: I really can’t take the credit … but I do agree it is a fantastic card! Hugs xxAxx


  7. Karen Rogers says:

    This is just fabulous – can’t wait for my balloon treat set to arrive so I can have a go – love the clouds & the trees – just love everything TFS
    Andrea adds: Yes! I am itching to have another play … and try out some other ideas with it! Off to visit your blog! Thanks so much for visiting … I love meeting new blog friends! Hugs Andrea xx


  8. Sonia G says:

    You’re going crazy with these sweet treat cups. I am lovely all the different ways you are using them.


    Andrea adds: LOL! I did want my class girls to get some different ideas … of how to use them! Glad you are enjoying the projects. 😀 Have you got some yet???


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